Gin no saji

It was coincidence I reviewed mangas with starting “G” capital for the last couple weeks. Nevertheless, here my next manga review, Gin no saji aka Silver spoon, which written and illustrated by Arakawa Himoru.

Arakawa sensei was famous by his long series Full Metal Alchemist. His manga already translate and published in several countries outside Japan.
For anyone who never read Full Metal Alchemist was a story about sibling who fight against darkness power of Alchemist theory that affect their living world.

Unlike Full Metal Alchemist, Arakawa Himoru showed he has ability to write and draw in different genre manga. Most mangaka usually stick to their genre style for their next manga. Gin no saji is 180 degree from Full metal alchemist although both of manga use same illustration style.

As result reader will find some character in Gin no Saji are based on characters model of Full Metal Alchemist with different job occupation or role. As result, hilarious and refreshing story which good for fans of Full Metal Alchemist who want their favourite characters showed in different roles or guessing what expected role of their Full Metal Alchemist character will be portrayed in Gin no Saji manga.

Gin no Saji is story about a high school boy named Hachiken who arrogant because his Jack of Trade’s talent in his previous school (tokyo probably) and think he can solve everything which lead he lose his life path. He was sent by his teacher to an agriculture school which located in Hokkaido island hoping he will regained his life ways.

In the beginning, reader will see how surprised Hachiken when he try to cope with agriculture or farming life. His all perfect score record shattered when he found all his farming classmate have top score in specialised study. It was so funny when he declared to revenge his classmates in next exam only to be ignored by everyone due farming practice.

Nevertheless, he befriend with some students which eventually he got along with all his classmates in various activities and forgot his revenge exam instead.

As the story progress, Hachiken find his roommates who also farm successors, join equestrian club only hated by horses (his first horses has same attitude like him), involved in weird Holstein group, created baking pizza event which successful, got stuck in school cleaning event which has to pick up trash in area 20 hectares, dragged into food booths war in summer festival, etc.

He also found his first love crush girl, named Mikage Aki, and trying to woo her in funny ways which lead him into hilarious situation. For example, he tried to increase her attention to him by working as part timer in her farm only to be hated by her father although much of her family welcomed him.

Gin no Saji probably the third manga, after moyashimon and Jaja Uma Grooming Up! which focused in agriculture or farming theme I ever read so far. It also showed to reader about aspects in agriculture and farmer life who hard work in order to raised best food and livestock into our daily meals.

It probably, Arakawa sensei had done a direct research into farm in Hokkaido and got living experience how to become farmer. It was because much detail agriculture aspects illustrated in this manga cannot be done without direct observation.

In the end, I recommended everyone to read this manga for it’s humour and extensive agriculture knowledges. Its also potential long run and seller manga series for any publisher who want to publish kind of manga in their countries.

– write by manifest

2 thoughts on “Gin no saji

  1. A show about farming sounds like fun. I dig how the characters resemble the cast of Full Metal Alchemist. I’ll check out the anime version if it ever comes over here.

    1. The manga has much detail than the anime version. I often found farming interesting and respect how hard working of farmer to grow foods which we buy in nearby store after reading it.

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