Witch Craft Work


This time, I will review Witch Craft Work manga by Mizunagi Ryuu. The manga background tells where witches live among normal people, commute, attend normal school and practice spells in secret. The story revolve around high school student name Takamiya Honoka, a normal student and Kagari Ayaka, a witch who secretly guard Takamiya due particular reason.

bwitchcraftworks_01_04   uwitch_craft_works_02_10

In beginning, Takamiya is normal ordinary student and often get bullied by other girl and boy students because he commute in same bus and his seat is next to school’s no.1 and perfect student. It shown Takamiya actually like Ayaka and glad he can get seat next to her and have to bear burden being bullied by her fans club.


His source school trouble came from Kagari Ayaka, the best, tall and pretties girl in their school, nickname Princess by other student. Her fan club don’t want their perfect model admiration tainted by Takamiya present next to her. But, not known by everyone Ayaka is fire witch who guard Takamiya from shadow although it failure due her popularity. Her purpose seat next to Takamiya is watch him from other witch who want Takamiya’s special power sealead in his body.

bwitchcraftworks_01_25 bwitchcraftworks_01_26 bwitchcraftworks_01_27

bwitchcraftworks_01_28 bwitchcraftworks_01_29 bwitchcraftworks_01_31

For battle scene its bit long although not long and detailed such as bleach or naruto series. But, its take six pages show battle sequence to reader with four scene per pages. So, the manga tend get boring for impatient reader type.  Nevertheless, it compensate with detailed, strong and clean drawing type of shounen battle so people can enjoy it.


Well to the truth, I prefer calls this manga as reverse shounen where the girl main character become hero instead the boy main character. Its new approach point of view but it works to catch reader interest to keep reading Witch Craft Work.  Uhh, I felt pity to Takamiya-kun.



As Ayaka battle other witch is decided she will open her relationship with Takamiya to everyone which lead into huge shock in their school. A lot of students opposed her interaction to Takamiya but hopeless as Ayaka ignored them.


His and her enemies eventually attend the same school and classroom with them made Takamiya’s life more complicated where he has to watch himself and prevent Ayaka’s wrath to obliterate their school.


In addition, it make worse Takamiya’s little sister who revealed as witch too in further chapter don’t want to give her brother to Ayaka so easily.

Overall, I like this manga because clean and sharp shounen manga which aimed for young reader. There are no echhi scene like in magister negi manga make this manga can be read by general reader. For, publisher is a good manga title potential to be published in their respected country. You never disappointed it when you read Witch Craft Work.

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