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50th post celebration

I just realized Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki or the Realist Hero’s kingdom Restoration Chronicles post was my 50th review after I started this blog 9 years ago. Continue reading 50th post celebration

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Anime Festival Asia (AFA) Indonesia 2013 1st part

AFA ID was an annual anime and manga festival that started held in Indonesia, particularly at Jakarta, since 2012. Its acted as a convention, gathering, meeting and social event to gather, influence and awareness public about anime and manga industry … Continue reading Anime Festival Asia (AFA) Indonesia 2013 1st part

Just a small update

Dear reader, I apologies for my lack update or no review all time due to my workload at my new job. It was almost cost my precious time and energy which I enjoyed in the past. I only get free time in weekend if there any changes in my time. My planning is to write short review or summary around 500-1000 words starting next week. There so much new mangas or animes which I want to reveal it. Thank you. Continue reading Just a small update

Hello manga world!

I had been long time dreamed for have a blog dedicate to manga and anime. The anime and manga world have been fascinating  a lot of youngster, particularly Indonesia. The manga circulation in Indonesia mostly dominate by Gramedia publication and it’s subsidiaries, such as Elexmedia Computindo and Level Comics. Here some summary about them: Gramedia publication or simple known as ‘Gramedia’ is the oldest player of manga distributor in Indonesia. They were originally a well established bookstore chain in Java back around 80’s-90’s. The bookstore already printing some European comics book such as, Lucky luke, Smurf, Johan & Pirlouit (by … Continue reading Hello manga world!