Ginen shounen


I was a little bit surprise when I spotted Ginen Shounen (aka Gelatin boy) manga in new manga display at my nearest bookstore. I never expect the manga will be published by Gramedia publisher in Indonesia.

Ginen shounen was written by Gotou Jumpei and published in Japan on 2010. The manga length was short, two volumes only, there 20 chapters total. But, the story was superb and heart throb enough to shake reader’s heart particularly toward main protagonist character.

Warning: This manga is not suitable for crybaby person. You are going to wave emotion from starting to end of manga.

Why Ginen shounen categorise as shounen manga? It was because the manga’s drawing style use shounen style but, the story was purely for shoujo reader. Some reader’s comment I ever spotted in Internet admited they though Ginen shounen was shounen manga only realised it was romance story later without physical conflict scene. But, they eventually enjoyed reading the manga from beginning to end.

The manga is a good example manga that describe how character development from starting until end of manga. A hopeless protagonist in first chapter to become a mature and self confident main character in the end of manga.

Gotou Jumpei sensei not only focused in main protagonist development but also development in other character, particularly, the main heroine who became main focus of the main protagonist. Other support or secondary characters also experienced some development from beginning to end of story.

however, I have to admit Ginen shounen manga story is too forced or short for it’s conclusion, only one chapter. Meanwhile, the introduction into escalation then conflict until climax covered almost 19 chapters. It would be better if the solution or compromised phase were included in two last chapters in the end so reader can be more cooling down.


In the end, I recommended Ginen shounen (aka Gelatin boy) as a good and light reading manga for anyone who want change their reading genre for awhile. Some reader probably agree to my opinion but some reader also can be disagree. I cannot blame them too.

For some reason, I unable to upload some sample pictures from Ginen shounen manga I ever download from web so I cannot give you example of the illustration. But I assure you this manga is good for anyone who looking romance genre. Please read it.

I hope I can see Gotou Jumpei’s manga in different genre and much longer chapters in the future.

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