Kantai Collection –Pacific-


Kantai collection or Kancolle is a japanese web browser strategic game about series World War II warship girl called kanmusu. The game is becomes world phenomenon lead into doujinshi theme, art books, spin-off manga and anime series. Player acted as an admiral who manage and maintain kanmusu so they are ready for battle and win war campaign. The game battle use paper-scissor-rock gameplay where player must attack and anticipate enemy attack until all units one side lose their life points.

Kancolle game

Nevertheless, the game is dominates by Imperial Japanese warships and German warships. As result, some foreigner who ever play it feel some kind handicap in this game as there no western Allied warships, such as, Royal Navy and United State Navy.

This situation lead some manga artists and gamers from around the world compete to create spin-off kantai collection which include of Allied warships in it. The result is astonishing as there tons of kancolle doujinshi and art book floating in the internet which try visualize those British and United States warship girls.

iowa japanator com 44085445_p0-noscale

Among spin-off kancolle which catch my attention is a series art book created by November☆ and Aura who devote their art skill to draw this magnificent doujinshi painting. In addition, each warship girl painting is fit to the girl description and character, for instance, Battleship BB-61 Iowa is visualize as western young girl in blue sailor uniform with blue parasol stated she is lady who has high dignify aura, similar to Yamato. The difference from original kancolle is she represent Iowa state, part of United States, which can be identify through her summer hat. She also wearing white long stocking with blue frill ribbon that can be state she is from high class society.

Nevertheless, she is armed with nine 16 inch guns that can result powerful devastation to anyone who try mess with her plus she has strong armor plate provides better protection compare to other warships as she is new fast battleship type designed at that time. Some historical book mentioned battleship BB-61 Iowa was very demanding ship as she required a lot of maintain to kept her operational and battle ready, as its hint in her kanmusu too where she stuck out her left hand for demanding attention.

Pacific 【vol01】公开版

The art book title is called Pacific fit represent World War II campaign at that time. The 1st volume hint as early stage of war when Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor result devastation damage for United States Navy which stationed at Hawaii islands. The cover describes how much damage and causalities done to the Allied kanmusu, Pennsylvania try to help other wounded kanmusu (probably Arizona) who badly bleeding in her stomach. As reader know, USS battleship Arizona didn’t make it and sunk after the attack.

The first volume is covered about United States campaign from attack of Pearl Harbor to Marshalls-Gilbert islands raid at early stage of World War II.

Pacific 【vol01】公开版3

The contents page is only provide summary of Allied kanmusu and page number. There sixteen warship girls describe in the first volume, include, four battleships, one fleet carrier, three heavy cruisers, three light cruisers, three destroyers and two submarines.

Pacific 【vol01】公开版7

Pacific 【vol01】公开版5

First, the battleship section. This section was reviewing three US battleship at the time of Pearl Harbor event. The USS Pennsylvania, USS Arizona, USS Nevada and USS Oklahoma. All battleships survived the attack except USS Arizona who sunk and becomes memorial place today. Battleship kanmusu describes as typical American girls who wielding big guns armament. The only difference is their clothing indicate what state or part of United States they represented.

Pacific 【vol01】公开版10

Second, aircraft carrier section which represent by USS Enterprise. Her Kanmusu is describes as a girl wearing bow equipment ready for shot arrow to her enemies.

Pacific 【vol01】公开版12

Pacific 【vol01】公开版14

Third, heavy cruiser section. This section described US heavy cruiser who involved in early stage of war. Some of them sunk late but many survived the war. The US heavy cruiser kanmusu are different from original Kancolle ship as they characterize by pair heavy gun turrets and Curtiss SOC-1 Seagull reconnaissance aircraft at their waist.

Pacific 【vol01】公开版17

Pacific 【vol01】公开版16

Fourth, light cruiser section. This section show wide variety ship model as US light cruiser have been build for specific purpose. For example USS Phoenix was described as angry girl equipped with flamethrower due her duty was for fire support or bombardment. Meanwhile, USS Raleigh was described as a girl equipped with medium 6/53 caliber gun and torpedo launcher as her purpose is for surface combatant against light to medium enemy warship.

Pacific 【vol01】公开版20

Pacific 【vol01】公开版22

Fifth, destroyer section. This section covered about US destroyer’s action in WW2, such as USS Mahan and USS Maury. Both destroyer’s kanmusu has different outfits or armaments. USS Mahan was described as intellect glasses girl with standard destroyer armaments. Meanwhile, USS Maury had Chiton clothing and holding an US flag. It as like she encourage patriotism pose. She had similar armaments like USS Mahan too.

Pacific 【vol01】公开版24

Sixth, submarine section. Interestingly, submarine kanmusu is describes as girl wearing swimsuit as presume she operates under water. For example, USS Narwhal was described as a red hair girl wearing star strips swimsuit and had earphone for sonar. She equipped with 6 inch gun for defensive purpose.

Pacific 【vol01】公开版2

In the end, Kantai Collection –Pacific- is a good artwork for spin-off or doujinshi of original Kantai Collection. The artist is trying to show to reader that Kantai Collection shouldn’t only limited for Imperial Japanese Navy ships. There a lot of potential can be exploit by game developer, manga artist or publisher to expand this kanmusu theme by introduces or add other nations warships in WW2.

Please support Kantai Collection –Pacific- if it available in your country. The artist is in middle of publishing the 2nd volume.



5 thoughts on “Kantai Collection –Pacific-

    1. I hope the Kancolle Japanese developer, Kadokawa Games, can adopt this idea. It seems they afraid to anger western player if Japanese against US warship.

      1. Well, I don’t really what they think. But, yeah, hope the games can be better. Not really understand about Kancolle. Just the Characters have showed in my timeline ‘-‘ Same as Touken Ranbu ._.

  1. Girls based on warships sounds a bit weird, but I wouldn’t mind giving the game a go. The artwork featured in the book you cover looks very nice.

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