Kiss X Death

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What kind reader’s reaction when they read story and find alien disguise as cute girl, particularly high school girl, and main character is high school boy who must extract those alien from girl’s body through kissing process. Those summary is best description for Kiss X Death manga.

Alien disguise as human or parasite reside inside human body is one of favorite theme in science-fiction novel or movie which usually has dark or cliffhanger ending. Main character find his or her close associate has experienced behavior change after meet or gone for awhile. He or she begin investigates what happen behind it result unexpected discovery alien has been infiltrated earth and assume human identity. Its become his or her duty to stop the alien to take or affect people life.

Don’t fooled by it’s title which look like a dark shounen story.  Its has eechi, science-fiction, supernatural, shounen, school-life and comedy genre mixed together.

Kano.Yasuhiro.Mx0Harisugawa.In.Mirror.World.Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa

Kiss X Death is latest manga created by Kanou Yasuhiro who well known as creator of Pretty Face, MxO and Kagami No Kuni No Harisugawa manga. His previous manga series includes, gender bender, romance, eechi, shounen or shoujo, school life, magic or supernatural and daily life theme.

Although, this time he tries to explore science-fiction genre which result quite interesting piece of manga.  Reader will find rich and strong artwork drawing combine with deep storyline. Anyone who read it will want to know what going on further as read the story. Kiss X Death deserves an anime.

Kiss X Death 05

First, main protagonist is a high school guy called Shingo Tozu. He is a gloomy and unattractive person who sometimes received bully treatment from delinquents in his school, Enhyo High School in beginning of story. Nevertheless, he accidentally infiltrated or into contaminated by alien named Z.

Z takes over Tozu’s body and remodel his appearance as smart and good looking guy in short time. Its becomes surprise scene for his friend and students in Enhyo High. Z and Tozu get together in order to recapture other five aliens who fugitive and take over beautiful high school girl’s body.

Kiss X Death 02Kiss X Death 03

Second, five main antagonists or bosses who must dealt by Z and Tozu are five high school’s babe or queen in each their school. Smart, pretty, tall, healthy, nice body proportion and inspiring role model student, those girls have tons of follower who under their influences.

They are Komagata Yuni from Enyho High, Moneya Hinano from Kaihou High, Nagamine Ria from Tsukanoue High, Migawa Rosa from Ranoshi Female High and Oue Nanaka from Aobanishi High. Those five are best perfect beautiful girls in every angle, except they are alien in disguise as human through mind control.

They become main attraction or hook point in Kiss X Death manga as Z and Tozu struggle to defeat each girl without harm them physically.

Kiss X Death 13Kiss X Death 14

Third, the alien is describes as tiny or life form organism who able to migrate from one human body to other body. Its attach themselves in it’s host tongue and control brain through root. They assimilate themselves  into their host’s memory and share their knowledge in order to cope human life.

Those alien only can be forced remove from it’s host body through tongue-tongue exchange, in short through kiss or French kiss. So, reader expect to see regular kiss scene in this manga. Either yuri or shounen romance style.

Kiss X Death 06Kiss X Death 07

Fourth, Kanou Yasuhiro is well known for his top notch shounen arts since his previous series, such as Pretty Face or MxO. His arts dominated by clean, sharp, well described and high detailed girl’s body, particularly, high or middle school girl. As result, Kiss X Death has been categorize as eechi manga aimed for shounen or young adult male reader. Expect, some girl’s panties shot or oppai scene. 

Kiss X Death 10

Fifth, on other hand, Kano Yasuhiro’s drawing is also best for fighting or action scene besides eechi and comedy story. Kiss X Death manga confirmed his talent for describes or drawing fighting scene between protagonist and antagonist. Reader can read high detail and clear fighting scene in shounen style. His manga always introduces strong main character and evolving protagonist from weak guy becomes strong one.

Kiss X Death 09

However, there some cons possibility that can lead this wonderful series to be axed by publisher if the author cannot carefully handle this matter.

For instance, most annoying fact is Japanese law have been in constant change interpret eechi or gender bender theme result it affect publisher’s policy in Japan. Next, editor issue where he or she dictated how manga runs either for good or bad. Those points has been best described in ‘Bakuman’ series by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata. So, there constant fear this manga can end up abruptly similar like Kano Yasuhiro’s previous work, MxO, result anger readers who live outside Japan.

On other hand, it seems main protagonist in Kiss X Death’s verdict it has to be only Shingo Tozu. Period.  It without considers other option which can make this series much interesting and appealing. Instead stuck in one host, Z or the good alien, should able to jump from host into new one creating character diversities or colorful storyline as reader can read how Z adapt into new body.

It will be best if Z can jump from one high school girl body into another girl body so reader can see his or her change appearance instead same main character from beginning into end of series. Reader also can expect see more yuri or girl-love-girl situation.

In addition, it seems Migawa Rosa’s arch story, the fourth antagonist, can becomes most interesting plot in Kiss X Death manga in the future. as she is quite bomb shell girl with nice body compares to other antagonists and she ruled an all female only high school. As result, it much hard for Z to infiltrate her school except he or she change into girl body and attend Ranoshi Female High as high school girl.

(Personally, I hopes this manga can run, published and translate beyond Rosa’s arch, then it becomes perfect series).

Kiss X Death 16

Lastly, Kiss X Death manga have a lot of pros or advantage to becomes popular and long run series as it has science-fiction theme coated with shounen and action style that rare exploited before. In addition, it spiced up through eechi and comedy situation guaranteed there always reader’s expectation to read upcoming chapter either for the art or story.

Hope, the author, Kano Yasuhiro sensei, or someone in Japan can read this review and follow it up so this manga can run longer and have perfect ending in the future.


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2 thoughts on “Kiss X Death

  1. The idea reminds me a bit of The World God Only Knows. In that manga the main character has to kiss girls to remove spirits from their body.

    1. Hmm…I think I can understand why you think both series have similarity. However, Kiss X Death have emphasis to shounen action than romance comedy.
      My favorite series from this author is MxO. Try to read it too if you can. Thanks.

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