Koshaku Reijo no Tashinami

Duke daughter cover

Reincarnation seem becomes a popular introduction for fantasy fiction literature in Japanese novel or manga. Koshaku Reijo no Tashinami or The Duke Daughter’s Achievement novel uses this kind plot for it’s introduction.

Nevertheless, reader should not be fooled by it’s josei genre and meager introduction part. Koshaku Reijo no Tashinami has better and broad story plot that can hooked reader to read more than anticipate as they read it further.

In summary, the story is describes many topic, such as, economic, entrepreneurship, governance, public service, education, society and many more. Those topics are coated perfectly in josei and romance style with European fantasy medieval background make this novel best for anyone who looking something complex but not heavy description for their reading material.


Koshaku Reijo no Tashinami or The Duke Daughter’s Achievement in English language is a fantasy kingdom novel from Japanese novelist named Reia who working together with Umemiya Suki and Futaba Hazuki for it’s visualization. At same time, a manga series based on the story and same title also being published monthly in Japan too.


The story start when an aristocrat’s daughter, named Iris Lana Armelia, daughter of a Duke, Duke Armelia of Tasmeria Kingdom, is accused for not mentioned crime against the second prince of Tasmeria Kingdom, prince Edward, and her new lover, Yuri, a Baron’s daughter.

This crime and accusation lead Iris to be expelled from royal academy, a prestigious school where noble children educated before succeed their family position or title. In addition, Iris engagement with prince Edward also annulled.

Iris who lost her support from her classmates and had tainted reputation was decided to return to his family residence pending for her final punishment from her father. In medieval culture, aristocrat’s daughter, who lost her standing usually to be sent to covenant or church to become a nun for the rest of her life. 


Nevertheless, Iris manages to defend her reason and action in royal academy in front of her father, Duke of Armelia and Prime Minister of Tasmeria Kingdom. It was described there conflict interest inside royal family of Tasmeria Kingdom between first prince faction against second prince faction. Both side is constantly search for supporter to elevate their faction position in order to get their favorite prince to become next king of Tasmeria Kingdom.

The present situation, first prince faction and second prince faction are in delicate balance where both side aggressively try to gain more support from neutral faction, noble people who don’t support either side.


Iris father decided to send his daughter return to Armelia’s fief for confinement but it without reason. He purposely appointed Iris to become acting fief lord on behalf him when she in there rather send her to covenant.     


Iris who heard his father’s proposition quickly accept it without further reason. Thus, Koshaku Reijo no Tashinami’s story begin as Iris’s long journey for develop her family territory as acting fief lord with her father full support.

Unknowing by other people, Iris is blessed by her previous life experiences through reincarnation where she is describes as a competent and expert public accountant in modern Japan. She bring this modern knowledge and experiences for immediate practice in government management and business world in Armelia fief. It elevates her position and achievement within few night where she admired by either people who support and hatred her in further story.  


Her first action upon return at her family residence in Armelia fief is reviewing all report and statement relate to administration of Armelia fief in the last three years plus it current situation. Furthermore, Iris is planning to conduct inspection in incognito within a month much make surprised for her butler, Sebastian.


Meanwhile, it revealed Iris father and mother have planning to appointed her as acting fief lord for sometimes in order to save her if conflict interest between first prince and second prince faction escalate further. The Duke Armelia family positioned themselves as neutral faction in this conflict due Iris father position as Prime Minister of  Tasmeria Kingdom.

Nevertheless, Iris sooner or later will return to deal and solve this prince conflict interest as well to save Tasmeria Kingdom from foreign power which lurking behind this conflict in further story become main plot of Koshaku Reijo no Tashinami novel and manga.


At present time, Iris is starting to gather all her loyal and valuable friends who each has expertise and skill in different field and appointed them in strategic position within fief’s administration. They are include, Tahnya as her private secretary, Ryle and Dida for security and armed forces training, Sebastian as chief administration, Sei for business management, Merida as head production and development, Rehme for fief documentation department, and Moneda as head of financial institution inside and outside the fief.

In addition, Iris recruit and receive assistance from her mother for marketing development and her grandfather as military supervisor. She also get assistance from unknown individual called Dean who will play important role in further story.

All element for administration and business development of Armelia fief already carefully appointed by Iris in no time. Now, its time for execute the plan.

Koshaku Reijo no Tashinami is an interesting story due it unusual storyline emphasis good governance administration and business development theme although the main plot is show how Iris’s adventure to save her people and Tasmeria Kingdom from foreign conspiracy.

Nevertheless, it lack of competent and aggressive antagonist who can harm or check Iris’s progress in order to reform her fief. There some time in story where Iris must face her arch enemy, prince Edward and Yuri and the rest of second prince faction who try to demote Iris reputation, but she manage to buff it and evade complication so far.

On other hand, it seems Iris is destined not only becomes person behind Armelia fief’s reformation mastermind but also Tasmeria kingdom’s savior when main conspiracy revealed due her fast knowledge, fund and resources in story’s climax. There some hint in story mentioned Iris becomes future consort of the next king which bring stability and prosperity to the kingdom as well known as the most influential Queen Dowager in Tasmeria Empire history.

I hope it becomes true in future chapter then it will be most exciting and anticipate development for novel I ever read.

There dedicate scanlation groups who faithfully translate both Koshaku Reijo no Tashinami novel and manga version into English Language. Reader can visit their website if interest to read this fantastic story.


Novel version

Manga version



6 thoughts on “Koshaku Reijo no Tashinami

  1. Thank you for your summary!
    It is well described and very optimistic for fans
    I hope too to have this ending with the good king (y’know who is he ?) 🙂

    1. Thanks for your support. You mentioned about Alfred or Dean. I also have expectation for him too. Although, I change my root for Letty (Alfred’s sister) to become next queen. While, Alfred and Iris can married and focus manage azura conglomerate instead.

      1. Yes ! I think of it since yesterday ! Like that, she doesn’t need to go to the castle (like Dean said) and they can be together in this way,
        But in the same time, they have their own obligations so it can’t help… that’s why I am so curious how their development progress (expected for a happy ending)
        I propose to give an alternative system (without nobility system or King) for the country’s development where they can be together forever.

      2. I read ShiroTL will be gone for some months due real life issue. They shift this novel translation to Japtem. Have you heard any news about it?
        Is there confirmation Japtem will resume novel translation?
        I don’t want spend months without any update from this novel like it in past.

      3. Yes, I learned from Japtem that she was back and, with all the emails received, she will resume since her last chapter (chapter 44)
        She promised to resume quickly: with an average of 5 chapters per week
        But seriously, I would like she resumes since the last chapter of Shiro-sama (chapter 75), but she insisted to continue since her last post (according her emails).
        To be in the last chapter of Shiro-sama, it will take a month I think (75-44 = 21; 5 * 4 = 20 so about 4 weeks … too slow!)
        Oh well, with the illustrations of volume 3 and 4 Duke’s Daughter, I think I forgive her … especially for the last two images of volume 4 too beautiful * 0 *

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