50th post celebration


I just realized Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki or the Realist Hero’s kingdom Restoration Chronicles post was my 50th review after I started this blog 9 years ago. In my recollection thought this blog was started as my  assignment for my media and communication postgraduate in 2008.

In addition, I also member of anime club at my university too at that time so I was thought something media or form of entertainment for keep my knowledge while utilize my otaku hobby result creation of this blog. When Write and researching materials for the blog I meet good and interesting fellow anime blogger who provide comments either sweet or harsh. Thanks a lot mates I owe you all.

My point is don’t give up or pessimist when you write a blog. You can married your hobby with the blog and see result yourself. Don’t push yourself when write a post, make it as fun activities, relaxation and focus yourself. You can utilize picture for story pointer and support material then expand through your writing by describe or review the topic in your style. Keep it below or around 1000 words so it isn’t become boring.

Next target is 100th post.

2 thoughts on “50th post celebration

  1. Congrats on hitting fifty posts. Best of luck in hitting that one hundred goal!

    Good advice by the way. People shouldn’t get too obsessed or they will burn out on blogging. One thousand words tops is a good length because anything longer might scare off readers who don’t have much reading time.

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