A Long List of FREE, Downloadable Visual Novels

This is an excellent list of underground Visual Novels.



The following is a list of Visual Novels that, as the title of this post says, are free and can be obtained over the internet.

I have not played any of these aside from two of them, though some of them are supposed to be decent to amazing. I’ll distinguish which I’ve played and which are supposed to be of what caliber that I haven’t played. If there’s just a picture/link and nothing else, then it means I haven’t heard much about it and  haven’t played it.

Be warned, some of these visual novels have mature content!


Katawa Shoujo


I’ve played this one. Good production values, decent stories, 5 routes.

Link to Download/Info – http://www.katawa-shoujo.com/


May Sky


I’ve also played this one. FANTASTIC story, one route, amazing characters.

Link to Download/Info – http://altogether.insani.org/2008/5.html


Don’t take it personally, babe,
it just ain’t your story


My friend played this one and said…

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4 thoughts on “A Long List of FREE, Downloadable Visual Novels

  1. A great list for visual novel fans looking for something to read on the cheap. From the titles quoted I have played Katawa Shoujo and can confirm it is very good.

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