Tree of Savior


Tree of Savior is the title of upcoming MMORPG develop by IMC studio/company based in Seoul, Korea. It has rumored as the spiritual successor of Ragnarok Online game which successful MMORPG in 1990’s and 2000’s era. The game is develop and directed by Kim Hakkyu who well known as mastermind behind original Ragnarok Online game.

Tree of Savior has medieval European fantasy background setting.  There an alternate world which experience chaotic situation due of monsters appearance from nowhere and god/goddess who should protect humanity from evil presence failed to respond of the plea of their subjects. As result, human have to defend themselves while keep faith that one day god/goddess will respond to their subject’s prayer.


On other hand, there significant differences between Tree of Savior and Ragnarok Online in feature, appearance and mechanism. Gamer was start as novice in Ragnarok Online while gamer could choose into four basic jobs in Tree of Savior. They are include Swordsman, Archer, Wizard and Cleric. Those basic jobs will lead gamer into advance jobs with different specification through fulfillment quest requirement or leveling. There five advances job level and secret job that can be exploit by gamer in the game.

For instance, swordsman can change into Peltasta or Highlander (2nd job) but they will be split into difference job at 3rd job, Peltasta becomes Barbarian while Highlander become Hoplite. This job will be locked into more specific job at 4th job where player only provide by one option job which differentiate into attacker type (Knight) or support type (Paladin) similar to Ragnarok Online. So, it is important for gamer to calculate or assess what kind job he/she want for his/her character or avatar early job level in Tree of Savior. Otherwise, gamer have to create new character from scratch again.

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On other hand, Tree of Savior also have heavy elements of Granado Espada due it’s developed by IMC studio who well known for Granado Espada franchise. So, Tree of Savior is a hybrid of Ragnarok Online and Granado Espada. In addition, Tree of Savior’s art is create by Maggi An Jeong-won who famous by her Granado Espada character’s arts so we can expect some new top notch Tree of Savior’s arts in the future.


Gamer start Tree of Savior game by create character according his/her preference. In Tree of Savior’s character creation instead create at character creation page is create inside bar or inn where it looks like illustrated game start as character/avatar come inside the bar through bar’s door as newcomer.

There four statistic options when gamer creating new character which include attack point, defense point, health point and luck/magic point. Below of statistic options there hair or face option where gamer can choose his/her character hair/face model design. Lastly, there random option where gamer can allow in-game system to create random character automatically.




Beside arts, Granado Espada’s influence in Tree of Savior is barrack system where gamer can see his/her characters save and pick one of them for play as game character/avatar into the game. Gamer always find his character in single screen with game or animation background where each character’s statistic, level and equipments describe below character. Instead, gamer will find his character inside a barrack or inn where they look relax or reoccupied themselves after hunting.

Basic barrack only available for four character and looks like inside a shady room in an inn . Gamer can upgrade or purchase higher level barrack where it can held more characters and can be decorate by gamer as his leisure. Higher barracks are more luxury and eye catching. This barrack system will make gamer take more attention to his barrack decoration beside increase it’s character capacity. The higher barrack looks like a ballroom inside castle or fort.

The game interface looks similar like Ragnarok Online so veteran gamer who already familiar to Ragnarok Online system will quick adapt when they play Tree of Savior. The game interface looks run much fluidly in Tree of Savior than Ragnarok Online where character runs instead walk. Tree of Savior is best when play in PC use hack ‘n slash method where gamer can click specific tile at screen then character will run into it. Character/avatar will automatically attack monster if gamer hover his mouse at monster location and click the monster. Gamer can uses mouse-click for open or talk to NPC too. This system similar to Ragnarok online’s hack ‘n slash system.

The difference between Tree of Savior to Ragnarok Online is Tree of Savior uses semi 3D environment blend third person perspective while Ragnarok Online only uses 2D environment hover above gamer’s character/avatar.


Character’s information screen in Tree of Savior looks similar to Ragnarok Online too. Gamer can see his character information relate to loot, health, magic, backpack capacity, currency and armor weapon. It looks like there card system in Tree of Savior where gamer can add element card into his weapon or armor slot to increase weapon or armor effectiveness similar like Ragnarok Online’s card system.



There tons of NPC in Tree of Savior either for quest requirement, trading or information point. There no information about NPC for save point like Kafra NPC in Ragnarok Online due Tree of Savior have barrack system so there possibility character will be respawn at town or camp. Furthermore, the game developer state NPC position will be marked in minimap to minimize gamer hassle to find NPC like in Ragnarok Online.



Lastly, best game should include majestic and dramatic soundtrack or background music ready to spoiled gamer who play it. Tree of Savior has 69 excellent soundtracks from orchestra, piano and violin, rock n roll, indie, pop and to Latin musics. Here some of them.


Questrosound – 3rd Wave (Three of Savior BGM)

Questrosound – Knightage (Three of Savior BGM)

ESTI – Amusement (Three of Savior BGM)

Tree of Savior (Three of Savior BGM)

In summary, Tree of Savior is probably the closest spiritual successor of Ragnarok Online which dreamed by millions of Ragnarok Online’s fans around the world. The game feature a lot of improvements that ever requested by gamers who ever play Ragnarok Online in past. Such as, camp system, cooking or shop setting, formation feature and many more. I have a feeling this game will be replay MMORPG euphoria around the world similar to Ragnarok Online trend. This game is worth every money you can spend into it. Lets pray this game will available in our country soon.



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6 thoughts on “Tree of Savior

  1. It looks nice, which is no surprise as Korean MMOs often have great visuals. Hopefully the gameplay won’t be too grindy.

    1. I expect the game developer will address this issue properly for new gamer. Meanwhile, gameplay much similar to ragnarok online so veteran online gamers will have no trouble play it.

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