Blazblue: Remix Heart

Blazblue: Remix Heart

Blazblue: Remix Heart is a manga illustrate by Sumeragi based on Japanese light novel write by Toshimich Mori. The title Blazblue itself originate from a fighting game series developed by Arc System Works. The name of the series is a derived of “blaze” and “blue,” with the “z” sound omitted in the Japanese pronunciation, rendering it similar to the word “brave” in pronunciation. The game is a popular game which lead various products from consoles to PC game based on it. Nevertheless, Blazblue: Remix Heart is a spin-off manga because it’s not a fighting genre manga instead its an eechi and comedy manga.

introduction The academy

The manga story tells life around a new student named Mai Natsume at The 15th Hierarchical City of Torifune is best known as the Military Academy for the NOL. “She” looks like much regular female student at the academy however there some secret about her current appearance and life.  Torifune academy is a magic academy for male and female magician candidates. There an assessment test system to determine each student ability in magic called ‘Ars Magus’. There no information yet about magician classification result from this test. Perhaps, the mangaka will explain it in further chapter.

izanami & izanagi

Back to main story, Natsume and her best friends involve in Torifune festival which held each year to determine best couple in academy by honor name Izanami (girl) and Izanagi (boy). One of them, Yayoi Tsubaki, who admirer of the festival seems has long time dreaming to participate in the Izanami competition. It was  found out later that she was an admirer for the festival due her childhood friend had high potential elected as Izanagi.

Head student council popularity

Yayoi childhood friend, Jin Kisaragi, is student council president of Torifune academy. Although, he bright and perfect student, he is constantly pestered and teased by his senior roommates, Akane Teruhito and Taro Zazacae, often embarrassed in public although most their joke are harmless.


Jin win Izanagi position in easy way through rock-scissor-paper competition. This situation led Yayoi want to participate in Izanami contest too. However, she has not enough courage to enter it due her low self confident. This situation make Natsume’s gang concerned for her lack courage and want to help her through the contest.

the plan

Natsume has special magic ability which enable her to sense her opponent potential through her tongue in most detail that she called ‘Super Taste’ ability. They decide to use Natsume’s ability to gauge other participants of Izanami contest in secret.

pervert zorro 1 pervert zorro 2 pervert zorro 3

As result, night after night, Natsume in masquerade outfit stalking every girl contest participant to kiss them in order to know their ability so Natsume’s gang can determined who most potential candidate and what strategy to win Izanami contest.

suspect? accusation

They manage to calculate other participants ability and passed the information to Yayoi. Meanwhile, Yayoi manage to climb into final of Izanami contest unknown to her that her friend already set up her for izanami winner. Kind of cheating way in competition. However, near the end of competition there a rumor spreading among students that the masquerade person who stalk girls at night somehow relate to Yayoi. Other students begin to questioned Yayoi’s Izanami winning.


In order to avoid suspicion from other students, Cajun Faycott, other member Natsume’s gang challenge Yayoi in public for replay final competition and manage to clear Yayoi from accusation. Unfortunately, their plan was exposed at the end of story. They got scolded by Yayoi for reckless plan even thought it for help her won Izanami contest. Nice end.

Its a trap!!!!

In summary, Blazblue Remix Heart was a good, lightweight and comedy manga which is differentiate from mainstream of Blazblue game or other manga. The Game and other manga was much orientate for battle or adventure stream. The art of Blazblue Remix Heart was good and shounen style that aimed for male reader. However, there other secret theme slipped in Blazblue Remix Heart manga which don’t mentioned in other Blazblue series or game. It’s main character, Mai Natsume, in fact is a male student who due circumstances which not explain yet. As the story progress, we can see how Natsume behavior and daily life as she/he try to adjust to female life.

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