Full Metal Panic! Another

Full Metal Panic! Another cover

Full Metal Panic! Another is a manga based on Japanese light novel with same title. Its the 4th light novel created by Shoji Gatoh and Naoto Okuro for the Full Metal Panic! adaptation series. The manga itself illustrated by You Taichi. As you can judge from it’s cover, The Full Metal Panic! Another is a departure from the original Full Metal Panic! series. The manga will not tells story about Sagara Sousuke and Chidori Kaname, instead, it will introduces reader into brand new characters. Although, some old characters from previous Full Metal Panic! series will also involve in the manga.

background story

Full Metal Panic! Another’s story setting is 10 years after Sousuke and Chidori adventure. There no indication about how ending of previous Full Metal Panic! series. It only mention Sousuke and Chidori survived and live somewhere in the world. The Mithril has been effectively disbanded and replace by new world paramilitary organization code name DOMS (Dana O’shee Military Service). The DOMS name seems to honor Mithril submarine where Full Metal Panic! team based in previous series.

Characters summary

Next, Full Metal Panic! Another’s characters is centered around a young boy name Tatsuya Ichinose and a young girl called Adelina Aleksandrovna Kerenskaya, they under command of Commander Melissa Mao, Captain Douglas Baxter (CO of DOMS), Lieutenant Bernard Bertrand (Analyst and strategic officer of DOMS), Yukari Ichinose (Tatsuya’s little sister) and an individual gothic girl named Clara.

If you looks closely it seems Captain Baxter is resemble to Captain Belfangan Clouseau and Lieutenant Bertrand is looks like Commandeer Richard Mardukas. Meanwhile, Clara is acted as sniper in the team.

Sorry for everyone who fans Kurtz Weber. He is gone and there is no indication in this manga that he is alive. He is still alive but not mentioned in this series. I will miss his pervert behavior.

Adelina Aleksandrovna Kerenskaya Tatsuya Ichinose

Adelina Aleksandrovna Kerenskaya is sure a long full name for a Russian girl so she will be  just called Adelina. She is introduces as heroine and the best Arm Slave (AS) pilot in DOMS and already in paramilitary long before the Full Metal Panic! Another manga. In brief, she looks like Sousuke when in combat, she is serious type and do her best to complete mission, there no indication she is a ‘military maniac’ like Sousuke yet.

Tatsuya Ichinose is hero in Full Metal Panic! Another manga. He is a bright and happy civilian boy who also an avid fan of Arm Slave, particularly Military Arm Slave type. As the story progress, he joined DOMS to fulfill his desire to become Military Arm Slave pilot and to catch attention of Melissa Mao after she scout him. Tatsuya looks like a combination of Chidori and Kurt in my mind.

In seems, the writer try to change role of the main characters in Full Metal Panic! Another while preserve characters characteristic of Full Metal Panic! series. Well, its work well. Imagine of Chidori as Sousuke while Sousuke as Chidori. I cannot wait what happen in this series.

Joint Training In combat position

Back to the story, its begin in remote military facilities in Japan. The DOMS was invited by Japanese government to test latest Arm Slave model manufacture in Japan. Adelina is act as an opponent of for test against three Arm Slaves. As reader guess it, she manage to beat all them without problem until one of Arm Slave go to berserk and fire to other unit. Then, its target Adelina’s Arm Slave unit.

Their first time meeting

She did her best to avoid combat since her unit only equip with paint bullets for training purpose while her opponent use live round ammunition. Adelina fell from a cliff into ravine not far from Tatsuya workplace where he work to help his father as construction worker. He jumped into her Arm Slave, opened the hatch and found her badly injured inside the Arm Slave unit.

Helping or to be helpedTatsuya's decision

In beginning, Adelina try to drive her Arms Slave again in order to chase the berserk Arm Slave before it cause any damage in near civilian property although she is injure that make her movement difficult. Tatsuya see what she try do decide to swap her as Arm Slave pilot and promise to hunt down the berserk unit under Adelina guidance due he know much better surrounding area.

Battle 1  Battle 2

Battle 3 Battle 4

Battle 5 Battle 6

Battle conclusion

Despite Adelina’s protest and argument against Tatsuya’s plan. She finally agree to let him to use her Arm Slave Unit. He manage to corner the berserk unit and force it to spend out his ammunition. However, the berserk unit equipped with combat knife and it attack Tatsuya’s unit. Tatsuya using his Arm Slave skill manage to attack the berserk unit and force it to fall into river from a cliff in order to disable it. The battle’s drawing panels was good described in detail although it not show much like Full Metal Panic! previous manga series.

The battle was witnessed by Adelina, Baxter, Bertrand, Tatsuya’s father and sister.

The name is 'Adelina'

Tatsuya was interrogated by local police due his involvement in Arm Slave combat. He greet by Adelina outside the police station. She explains who she is and suggests it will best for his safety if he just forget what he experienced today. However he make his mind that he want to join the army to drive military Arm Slave.

Commander Mao's introduction Invitation to D.O.M.S

Lady of luck is listens to Tatsuya’s wish. Melissa Mao who rank Commander this time, suddenly arrives to pick up Adelina and catch Tatsuya attention. It makes Adelina pissed off to him. Commander Mao offer a proposition for Tatsuya to join an overseas training if he want to join DOMS after she is impress by Tatsuya’s Skill in Arm Slave hand-to-hand combat through his combat video record.

What wait in Tatsuya's future

In the of the volume, Tatsuya decide to jump in to the boot camp and become a member DOMS to fulfill his dream to become a Military Arm Slave pilot. He was pick up by Adelina in airport and show him the path to the plane.

In conclusion, Full Metal Panic! Another manga is good and fresh concept for long run Full Metal Panic! adaptation series. The writer looks like decide to overhaul all characters in the series. However, there some elements not introduce yet in first volume of Full Metal Panic! Another manga such as, who DOMS enemy, what life inside DOMS organization, what happen to other minor characters in previous series today, and what happen to Sousuke Sagara and Chidori Kaname today. There a lot of speculation.

I am sure be happy if I can finally see Sousuke Sagara after ten year later in this series with rank General and his wife Chidori Sagara. He is commanding operational of Dana O’shee Military Service. Meanwhile, the board director of DOMS under jurisdiction of Director Teletha Tessa Testarossa.

Full Metal Panic Another comparation

Here both hero and heroine of the Full Metal Panic! Another next to older hero and heroine of previous series.

24 thoughts on “Full Metal Panic! Another

  1. Looks good. I really enjoyed the FMP animes and wish they would make more. As someone who has not read the novels it would be cool to see how the story plays out, especially as they introduced some interesting characters in 2nd Raid.

  2. Has there been any news since this post of Sagara or Chidori being referenced in any of the Full Metal Panic! Another publications?
    One must wonder exactly what has become of the two of them since the end of the original novel series.

    1. Not yet. They only brief mentioned in introduction on 1st volume, FMP!Another manga. Maybe, they will show up in later stories.
      Melissa Mao was the only old character often showed up in the FMP!Another.
      I only got manga 1st volume. There five volumes FMP!Another published in Japan today.

  3. hmm so this side story of the original series is like of the same story but with switched places? to where on the older series that I loved, the mecha guy was Sousuke and the damsel in distress was Kaname, but on this FMP:A they switched places where the female becomes the mecha/soldier expert whilst the male becomes the person that needs helping? I am wondering though as to what type of story it is, will it be the same good combination of action/comedy/seriousness, I just can’t imagine it being a comedy without the mecha expert/soldier being sousuke xD and the female lead in FMP:A seems to be a Tsundere. Sorry its just an speculation! i did not read much tmi ^^ i might read it later.

    1. I had opportunity took peek on later volumes. Second volume bragging about Tatsuya’s harsh training to becomes combat arm slave pilot. The real deals are around 4th, 5th and later volumes. God, why nobody try to translate them.
      Almost forgot, Yep, Adelina is definitely a tsundere. She caused a lot troubles when assign as undercover student, much like Sousuke, result Tatsuya who had to clear up her mess. Imagine Kaname try use phosphorus grenade to light fire in stove, that best description for Adelina. In end, Tatsuya is the one who doing house chores for the surveillance team.

  4. I have complete read ending of Full Metal Panic! Sigma. It was 3th best ending manga series I ever read. Satisfied but bittersweet.
    It looks like FMP!Another is sequel in FMP! series rather as side-story.

    In addition, It looks like Tessa Testarossa will never reappointed as director in FMP!Another. She mentioned plan to retire in the end of FMP!Sigma. Her position is held by Mao.

    Perhaps we can see a glimpse of life other characters after the event FMP!Sigma in FMP!Another.

    I hope some scanlation pick this sequel series soon.

  5. Oh man, I can’t believe FMP!Sigma has ended. That was indeed a bittersweet ending. I seriously want to see the old casts in this series. We definitely need more of FMP!

    1. You are right. FMP!Sigma ending was bittersweet. I was glad they reunited at the end of series.
      I also hope will see Sousuke and Chidori again in FMP!Another.

      1. They are together at the end of FMP!Sigma. I think we will be able to see them again as minor characters and how they are doing in FMP!Another.

        The problem is there no scanlation group willing to translate FMP!Another although the sequel looks promising.

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    1. Thanks for read my blog and your support. I will continue inform people about this series as some people think there no sequel or spin-off after the end of FMP! Sigma.

      Your comment will encourage people to follow this series too.

  7. I just finished the FMP SIGMA serie and very happy with this ending. I hope the author will write more about Sousuke and Chidori after ten year in Another.And when i enter to this, i think your working are very excellent, my friend.Do you have anysomething new about them?

    1. I only read 1st volume and some summaries of 2nd and 3rd volume. There some pages mentioned about previous series characters and their afterlife in FMP Another. But it’s too sketchy.
      I do hope I can read Sousuke and Chidori’s appearance again in FMP Another either as minor or main characters.
      Someone should start translate this series.

      1. I have read the summaries of 6 vols novel and that confirmed none of anything about sousuke and chidori. Hope we will see them soon in new spoilers.

  8. Hi! I just became Full Metal Panic fan for couple months now but I’m all for it! Seriously! I have watched all the anime and finished the reading “Sigma”. The ending was, in my opinion, quite fast and therefore not really satisfying. Not that I dislike how it turned out to be, just hoped that it was longer so the characters could express more feelings and emotions. Nonetheless, the ending leaves me full of thoughts.
    Anyway, one thing is for sure: FPM is undoubtedly one of the best series ever!
    I am now reading the light novel version, all from the beginning (already done 3 vols :D) just because I’m so into the series and have nothing else to chew on.
    FMP Another is not in my to-read list for now, probably because I still want to stick with Sousuke and Chidori and Tessa, Weber,… I just can’t let it go. The main story has such an impact on me that it came to change my attitude and point of views to some extents…
    Sorry if I bother you with my very non-related opinions and feelings. I like your blog. This is the first time I have visited it and I am sure I’m coming back here more often to check about FMP.
    Many thanks to you!
    a Full Metal Panic fan.

    1. Thanks for read my blog. I knew Sousuke and Chidori still had big impact for FMP! Series.
      But, it seems the author want to recycle all characters without lose their personality in FMP! Another.
      Hope some scanlation group decide to pick up this series.

      1. Hi Manifest, it’s me again! 😀
        I too want to know about the whereabouts and how the rest of the last crews are doing after 10 years.
        You said that Webber was not (yet) mentioned, I think it’s pretty weird since he was in a relationship with Mao (or wasn’t he?). Maybe he’s still sticking around.
        As for commander Mardukas, I wonder if he’s still alive (he was pretty old, isn’t he?)
        I really hope and think that we will run into a number of old cast, especially those who are in the SRT like Closeau, Yang or Webber since their occupation is a mercenary and were very attached to MITHRIL. The worst case scenario would that one of them would turn bad and act as a antagonist…
        As for Sousuke and Chidori, I doubt if they will appear again… Like you said, if it was the author’s intention to “refresh” everything then it’s not likely they will be here. The same goes for Tessa…
        Oh, and I have a question. Is it true that FMP Another! is only released under Manga and not any other medias (light novels, anime?).
        Thanks a bunch!

      2. Firstly, to be honest. I made this review around chapter 60-70 of FMP! Sigma where Weber was presumed dead after he defeated his mentor.

        Secondly, FMP! Another is released on light novel and manga version. I got read both manga and light novel 1st volume.

        Thanks for share your opinion in my review.

      3. Hi Manifest!
        Thank your for the information! Maybe when I finished reading the light novel of FMP, I’ll get onto that of FMP Another!

  9. i would be honest, i do not like the instant change of characters. in fact i don’t want it to. i think it should remain as it should where the main characters are sagara and chidori, it sounds selfish though but i think it gets better that way, as you guys can see, they are the ones that made the FMP! so much popular. it is a shame that they just changed them with these guys. i just lost interest on FMP, Peace to all.

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