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Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki

Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki or the Realist Hero’s kingdom Restoration Chronicles is a medieval fantasy Japanese light novel write by Dozeumaru and Fuyuyuki as it’s art illustration. The novel  This light novel has different prime story line than other novel … Continue reading Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukokusaikenki

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Koshaku Reijo no Tashinami

Reincarnation seem becomes a popular introduction for fantasy fiction literature in Japanese novel or manga. Koshaku Reijo no Tashinami or The Duke Daughter’s Achievement novel uses this kind plot for it’s introduction. Nevertheless, reader should not be fooled by it’s … Continue reading Koshaku Reijo no Tashinami

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Gate-Jietai no chi nite, kaku tatakeri

Gate-Jietai no chi nite, kaku tatakeri was a manga based on Japanese light novel in same title write by Yanai Takumi. Its a fantasy packed military action manga with comedy and eechi situation in some points of the storyline. The … Continue reading Gate-Jietai no chi nite, kaku tatakeri

Gunka no Baltzar

Gunka no Blatzar or Gunka no Barutsa is an ongoing manga write and illustrate by Nakajima Mitchitsune. The manga tells life story of a young military officer named Bernd Balzer. He came and in served from Weiben nation, a militaristic country, which just won a war. His military career turn into unexpected path when he appointed as military advisor or instructor for a country named Baselland. It is an isolated and peaceful country with third class military capacity. Balzer thought it would be uninteresting assignment in the beginning. However, he find intrigued situation and gain some trust from his new … Continue reading Gunka no Baltzar

Sometimes Mellow manga

This time I want to review about seinen manga named Yawarakai Onna (Sometimes Mellow/Tender Woman) by Tomi Akihito. There only two chapters so far in as I write this manga review. The manga is classified as seinen romance category. So its aimed for mature reader. According to baka.update, its a compilation of 8 stories but I hope it more than short stories and has good endings which can satisfy readers. Yawarakai Onna by Tomi Akihito The story began with a student named Tomochika Sugi helped a hot and young woman in train station. Unknown to Sugi, the woman has … Continue reading Sometimes Mellow manga