Sai: Taker – Futari no Artemis

Imagine yourself if Freezing mixed kampfer together then it was best description for Sai: Taker -Futari no Artemis manga/manwha created by Im Dal-young.
He was artist and author who are writing Freezing, Koimoku, Onihime VS series, etc. His arts is famous for ecchi, busty girl and romance combined with battle, adventure and often bloody situation. However, this time in Sai:Taker -Futari no Artemis looks like Im Dal-young step in into gender bender genre too.

Sai was short for ‘Summon Assist Interface’ device which help human (often woman) gained an extraordinary power and ability than normal person. The person who able to control Sai is named Artemis. Although, Sai’s function was not fully described in this chapter looks like its use for defending justice and superhero purpose similar to stigmata in Freezing series.

The story of Sai: Taker-Futari no Artemis is start with a boy’s life named Nanase Kyouya who dreamed to becomes Sai’s taker one day. Although he has aimed for Sai taker he pretty much satisfied with his current life as senior student who living with his two step sisters.

His step sisters named Igarashi and Yuuma Kyouka are an original taker and Sai taker. Although, they are his sisters they compete each other for doting affection to Nanase in different way. Igarashi is easy and teasing while Yuuma is strict and protecting type. Nevertheless, both of sisters are caring for Nanase like their little brother.

Igarashi is work for Life Inc., a corporation that research and develop Sai technology. She together with his friend, Mizuho, are developing a new Sai’s device that hoped one day ordinary people can use Sai technology without limitation. The new device was showed in form of a bandana.

Nanase volunteered as test subject under supervisor Igarashi and Mizuho to determined if he suitable to become Sai taker. However, in middle of Nanase test something happen which change everything.

A group of terrorist who opposed Sai technology suddenly attack the facilities and challenge Igarashi as she is an original taker and researcher who responsible for development of Sai technology in the world.

Nevertheless, the terrorist group was no match for Igarashi Kyouka and she defeated them all. Igarashi’s fighting style was much similar to Satellizer in freezing manga.
However, before she defeated them the leader said they are only diversion to blow up the research institute.

As result of the explosion Nanase was mortally wounded. His sister who saw his condition feel helpless to save him. In desperate situation, Igarashi put the prototype of Sai bandana in order to save Nanase and ignore Mizuho warning about side effect of untested device.

Slowly, Kyouya regain his sense and wake up after survived the explosion at the research institute. He felt everything is fine and nothing missing until he see his reflection in mirror.

He found himself as a woman with Sai’s marker in his/her chest. This scene remind me when Natsuru in kampfer series found himself as girl.

His reaction to his body and gender change was hilarious while his/her sister watch from behind not believe it.

Yuume was dumbfounded when she saw her brother change into woman. However, the first thing she furious was toward Kyouya’s boobs instead his/her physical appearance change.

Reluctanly, Igarashi explained reason of Kyouya gender change and side effect of the new Sai device or bandana. Due, Sai device often associated with woman then if it use by different gender it will force the gender attachment to it change into female version.

If Kyouya tried to put out the bandana he can return to his normal gender, as man, but he will lose his life consequently. As result he has to start life as woman until his sister can find a way to alter Kyouya gender without lose his life.

Overall, this manwha is good and appealing than other Im Dal-young’s manwha without some bloody battle like freezing or lunatic maker series. The gender bender theme was the main selling of this manga and it works like charm.
I already took peek 1st chapter and no battle so far I can read in Sai:Taker -futari no artemis. The focus of story mainly how Nanase Kyouya’s life struggle in prestigious school as woman.
I hope a scanlator or publisher can translate and publish this awesome manga soon. It looks like a hidden gem for gender bender lover.

Here some awesome fan service of Sai:Taker – Futari no Artemis. Enjoy.

– write by manifest

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