Bar Oasis 1 & 2

Have you ever imagine yourself as a bartender work in bar with stinky boss and regulars with their unique personality? If NO is your answer then you should play Bar Oasis series. Bar Oasis series was an iPhone game developed by Aurora games then passed to Corners studio since 2009. In this game, you will act as bartender and interact with customers as you filling their drink order.

However, if YES is your answer and you have experienced as bartender in real life. Then you should try your skill in Bar Oasis and follow the story and you will experience something you never experience in your bar life. You will blow out by the storyline and want to know what going happen until end of the game.

IMG_2296 21XIEqLNqEzCoeAItxUtyg-temp-upload.ijbpgvxy

In Bar Oasis series, player will play as Vic or Victor who will meet unique and eccentric characters as regular, friend, and employee beside practicing his cocktail serving skill. As the story progress, he will meet other regular such as, Kane who a biker, Vicky as gossip girl, Mr. Robinson with his eccentric attitude, Alex who proclaimed himself as james-bond wannabe, etc.

Except, in Bar Oasis 1.5, you will play as Carla’s point of view, an apprentice and replacement bartender for Vic while he gone somewhere.

In pictures above in Bar Oasis 1 only introduce limited characters enough to make colorful story. Nevertheless, in Bar Oasis 2, hopefully we can see new characters which add complexity of the story and make story longer.

IMG_2293 IMG_2286

As you can see in pictures above, Bar Oasis series have been beautifully illustrated just like in color manga and manwha. Each characters has perfect illustration fit to their personality and appearance, particularly the female characters which you can winning in game.

Bar Oasis’s story uses visual novel gameplay where you will have follow and read text which show up in as story progress until you reach option page. Option page is part of the game where player will presented by two or three choice which lead you to certain girl path, and winning the girl’s heart. If you manage stay in right choice and path you will awarded by winning scene in the end of game. Its standard gameplay in Japanese visual novel.

It just like in the sims simulation series when you work up to get one of girl in neighborhood from acquaintance to friend, then best friend, and finally to become your lover.


Now, let meet boss of Bar Oasis (aka Boss) . He probably most famous for his selfish, slack-off and irresponsible character, in Bar Oasis series and in manga and manwha I ever read . He alone manages bar oasis since the place open for first time. A lot of his employees runs from the bar after few days work under him because his attitude, kind type boss you want to avoid in your part time workplace. In Bar Oasis 1st, he tricked Vic to work alone while he recovery in hospital after motorcycle accident. In Bar Oasis 1.5, he too manipulate Carla to replace him as he on tour with Kane.

Sometimes, I cannot believe he has never been spotted and sued by worker union for this practice.

Nevertheless, he also wise and easy person who can get befriend with other people in no time. Kind person who perfect as bartender in your favorite bar.

IMG_0072-11 09-bar-oasis

Among regulars you will meet in Bar Oasis series are this duo who will help player to familiarize with game play and relief joke. Meet Mark, an Italian photographer and womanizer who always hang out in Bar Oasis for stalking his prey. He was a type person who thinking with his pants first than his brain which lead him hated by other regular.

Next, Sheila is an Irish who work as theater actress and living with Mark. She acted as counter-part of Mark whatever he try to flirt female customer in bar oasis. Mark surely break lose cannon if Sheila not present. In Bar Oasis 1, she is single and player can win her. In Bar Oasis 1.5 and hopefully Bar Oasis 2, she and Mark are couple and have steady relationship. Nevertheless, she always present to provide player with advise and most importantly, to tied Mark before too late.

Actually, when I read all references of Bar Oasis 1.5 I spotted that it has influenced by City Hunter manga wrote Tsukasa Hojo in 1985-1991. Sure enough, I can identify that Mark’s womanizer is similar to Ryo Saeba and Sheila is identical to Kaori Makimura, particularly, her stomach punch. Kaori is famous for her giant hammer slam each time Ryo want to woo other female. It become trademark in Tsukasa Hojo’s City Hunter and Angel Heart manga.

I got tons of Italian friends but never see someone as womanizer like Mark. And, somehow I wish one of my Irish or Wales acquaintance look sexy like Sheila my life will be more memorable now.


Bar Oasis series provided the most impressive liquors collection and cocktails references I ever know. The developer took their time to photograph each items and put it as object or tool for you use in cocktail practice instead bottle with name of it. So player automatically learn to identify liquors and how to make drink in game process too.


In Bar Oasis series, the centre of game process uses iPhone’s user-centered interactive feature include horizontally sliding sub-selection, tilting and multi-touch gesture where you artificially make a drink just like bartender business practice. Nevertheless, player will be limited by time or risk over pouring liquid get result the infamous ‘SEWAGE’ result. If you serve customer with pukatini sure enough they will piss off to you.

I only describe storyline of Bar Oasis series not gameplay. Please search other review, blog or website if you want more detail about the gameplay.


Honestly, my first motivation as man when I play bar Oasis is to winning the girl in order to see all illustration and final scene of each girl. No man ever resist to watch Sheila’s asset as you play the game. You need to play whole game again in order to see spesific illustration.This gameplay sure enough never make you boring even you already win and complete all path.

In addition, it’s excellent gameplay, superb storyline and nice illustration it also add with perfect soundtrack album. All that elements make Bar Oasis series spoiled your eyes, hearing and mind in no time and make you wish for next sequel. (I wish they keep make sequel of it in iPhone in the future).

You can reach the developer in , or you can follow them at


Last word…welcome to Bar Oasis mate.

4 thoughts on “Bar Oasis 1 & 2

  1. Dang, I couldn’t find this on the EU itunes store. Sounds like something I would enjoy. Guess I’ll have to drink my disappointment away.

    1. Weird, I searched in Aus and US iTunes got result bar oasis 1and 2 available.
      Are you sure you don’t find it in EU iTunes?
      Maybe you put age restriction so the iTunes system filter it. Apple change a lot their policy recently.
      If you still cannot see it contact the developer through Facebook link at my bar oasis post. But, they slow to respond due it their free time project and not main job.
      Hope it help you.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I managed to find it after all. It doesn’t show up when I search on the iPad tab, but I located it today by selecting iPod on the search.

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