Kampfer or fighter in German language is a light novel adaptation into manga and anime about a young man named Senou Natsuru. He have been chosen by mysterious moderator through a messenger doll and have to fight against other kampfer to survive.  However, there a catch as a kampfer because only woman chosen as kampfer. As result, he becomes she when fight with hilarious consequences.


Kampfer manga and anime scopes are about Senou’s daily life as boy and as girl (Kampfer). How he accustomed to woman life while preserve his dignity as man. His/her situation become complicated by presence other characters who have important part in the story. Natsuru meet other kampfers who either can become her allies or enemy in the fighting.

kampfer 9-24

The original light novel wrote by Toshhiko Tsukuji. Meanhile, the manga drew by Yu Tatibana. The manga seems try to describe story in light novel as close as possible. Meanwhile, kampfer anime is a summary of story in several volume of the manga. As result, the anime was ending in cliffhanger or not finish yet.

kampfer 17-07

In summary, I prefer kampfer manga because variety of story arch which are not included in the anime. However, the anime is a good reference to enjoy the story. I am particularly enjoyed the part when every student envy or fallen to female Natsuru’s charm while not realise the male Senou and the girl is the same person.

This manga and anime are excellent Gender Bender story so far as I know since Ranma 1/2 by Rumiko Takahashi last decade ago. So I recommended everyone to read or watch it.

The manga is already published as Shounen manga by Gramedia group in Indonesia. There already two volumes of it in the book store and expected third or fourth volume will follow up soon. Enjoy

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