Sometimes Mellow manga

This time I want to review about seinen manga named Yawarakai Onna (Sometimes Mellow/Tender Woman) by Tomi Akihito. There only two chapters so far in as I write this manga review. The manga is classified as seinen romance category. So its aimed for mature reader. According to baka.update, its a compilation of 8 stories but I hope it more than short stories and has good endings which can satisfy readers.

Yawarakai Onna by Tomi Akihito

The story began with a student named Tomochika Sugi helped a hot and young woman in train station. Unknown to Sugi, the woman has negative intention. She want to revenge him after other passenger accidentally bumb and made her bag scattered. The woman, unknown her name at the moment, stole Sugi’ train pass after asked him to help her to find her contact lens which obviously a lie.

Looking for contact lens

Sugi who not realised what happened searching the contact lens until he left alone by woman. He realised his train pass was stolen after want to got out from the station.
From here, the story progress separately. The woman when visited a shrine was hit or flirted by a young playboy man. He insist to date her although she hint refused to the offer.
Coincidentally, the cafe, named Kogecha Coffee, where they visited was the place where Sugi has his part-time job. The woman saw Sugi and has idea to reject the man by use excuse Sugi’s as her boyfriend.

The boyfriend introduction

Sure enough, this situation lead into scene and draw other cafe visitors attentions. Fortunately, Sugi brilliantly safe the woman from the man.

The fight

Near the end of the chapter, the woman want her bill and think Tomochika fall to her charm. However, Sugi felt disgust to her manner and pointed he hated to be manipulated by her. The woman leave the cafe with anger felling and realised this is her first time she failed make a man fall to her charm.

The witch is leaving the cafe

In the end, I got a feeling she actually fell into Tomochika and regret what happened in the cafe. I presumed in the end of the series she will together with Sugi.

The regret

In summary, this manga has nice plot and has superb drawing quality. Tomi Akihito has excellent sense of drawing and good writer skill. Not bad. I also liked the art how the artist described a hot female character. This is definitely a seinen style manga.

The hot and bad girl

For the storyline, I liked how the artist described with easy and simple plot through the drawing panels. The reader can felt the impression of the story.
I am particularly like the scene when Sugi safe the woman.

Looks like scene of Clark Kent saving Louis lane in the Superman movie

So far, its only has two chapters from eight. I hope there other new chapter upload in the future. This series has good potential to become long story if the artist like it. We will see it.

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2 thoughts on “Sometimes Mellow manga

  1. yo.. i only found the first 2 chapter of this manga. you might know where to download / read the whole manga completely?


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