Usotsuki Lily

Usotsuki Lily Cover

Usotsuki Lily was manga created by Ayumi Komura. The centre of this series are En Shinohara and Hinata Saotome who are a couple since their first senior high school class. However, there a gist in their relationship, which Shinohara has hobby of cross-dressing as a female due his hatred toward male and even himself reflection.

She is a boy????

As result this situation make their relationship in comedy situation due En reaction for some issues in class, their classmate reaction, their best friends or gang interferences, their working part-time place and even both En and Hinata parents and siblings whose have unique characteristics. This complicated situation made En and Hinata life more live colorful and hilarious.

This review only discuss En Shinohara’s circumstances in school festival event (chapter 52) although there a lot potential reviews and theme that it can be exploited and reviewed in Usotsuki Lily series. There already a lot of discussion about the series in other manga forums in the web.

En always delighted

As you can see in the pictures above, Ayumi Komura sensei was done a splendid drawing for Usotsuki Lily characters both male and female. In addition, she able to hide male physical pattern while bring out manliness characteristic, such as, male angry wrath and their dumbfound. It combined in situation while they cross-dressing as female.


In chapter 52, En and Hinata friends are preparing for participation in their school festival by create female band group (Hinata’s group) and Japanese cross-dressing cafe (En’s group). The boys decided to do cross-dressing cafe due En popularity in school festival last year. The situation also spiced up by Naota, En’s close friend, who manage manipulate them in order to get much money from the school festival event.

Class Rep is a Maiko  waitress and young girls of Taisho era

Usotsuki Lily’s chapter 52 was claimed the best chapter in the series so far. In this chapter, all male characters was drawing in their cross-dressing version with a lot of improvement and clean drawing than previous chapters in the series.

Cute or naive?

In this chapter it reveals more clearly about Shirota’s face, one of the male character who mysterious in previous chapters of the series. Shirota is the latest additional character in Usotsuki Lily series and it seems he will more involve in next chapter and as the series progress in the future.


The eye candy of this chapter was Kojirou who looks mighty as Hime-sama in his cross-dressing attire enough to make female reader jealous and other characters hopeless against him in appearance and manner.

The final blow sentence

Although this manga aimed for shoujo reader or young woman. The series also able appeals for male reader due it’s comedy situation and cross-dress theme that are unique in Japanese manga. Some readers even claimed this manga is best example how the artist drawing character from male to female version or vice versa. However, some negative reader complained the manga encourage transvestite.

In conclusion, it depends on reader’s judgement and ability to draw line between reality and imagination in order to read this manga wisely.

9 thoughts on “Usotsuki Lily

      1. Yes! I agree!! I see how the author is able to incorporate the plot’s material for both gender readers, something very hard for mangakas to do. If only the updates were faster…it gets me anxious every time I read the latest releases XD

  1. I spotted in Hachimitsu scan state Usotsuki Lily will be concludes in chapter 105 or 115 due Margaret manga publisher editorial change in comply to new Japanese law which effective in middle 2014. Such shame, it is potential series.

    1. There tons of cross-dressing manga but they never deep exploited the genre like Usotsuki Lily. I hope this manga inspire other authors to write this kind manga.

      Usotsuki Lily will be end in few more chapters as we speak.

  2. I actually marathoned this Manga when there was 90 chapters available. Second time reading one about crossdressing. I was hoping for a deep romance between the two, but it was expected from such a story to fully turn into a Gag Manga. Nevertheless I still enjoy reading it and tbh It doesn’t matter whether it’s Shoujo or Shounen Anyone is free to choose 😀

      1. Now that you mention it the Mangaka was able to use those two genres and it did not bother the reader, instead it made the Manga even more funnier lol

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