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Ragnarok Online or in short called “RO” was familiar words for anyone who grew up as teenager at early 2000’s. It was one of early online games that made international hit as Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) which had been played by million online users around the world. The game has background setting of Medieval Fantasy with Korean culture heavy influence due a fact it was created and developed in South Korea at that time.


The game was well known as it’s best cooperative player or team working system combined with new map update and excellent background music that fit perfect when player play or hunt in specific map. As result, people continue to flock into the game just either as waste their time or way for developed their passion as professional gamers. Nevertheless, the game also experienced it’s downfall as it only uses semi 3D world system, boot system and lack player forced the developer to shut it down.

However, the game had been left engraving effect for everyone who ever played it or grew up with it. As result, there some effort to bring back this game in different ways. Recently, Ragnarok Online is reintroduces as Ragnarok Ash Vacuum and Ragnarok Path of Heroes:Valkyria Uprising.


RO Ash Vacuum 3

Ragnarok Ash Vacuum is a mobile game which more focus in strategy and building organization than player’s character development. Player will act as guild leader or manager in this game where he/she have to carefully distributes and spends valuable resources and money for upgrade guild, fulfill quests and eventually take over other player’s territory.


The game looks slow and boring in beginning due it’s designed to be played in just 1-2 minutes then player can leaves it until its done automatic according it’s time. Ragnarok Ash Vacuum isn’t mobile game designed for player who want constant action, instant reward, individual control and impatient.


Instead, the game designed in simple mind where player play it for short period but the result and reward useful for further stage of it. In Ragnarok Ash Vacuum, player is learning how to study resources distribution, time management, upgrade and trade or sell items in exchange for more resources. It looks like a downing process in beginning but when player’s base already run in full capacity he/she will able generated resources for recruit troops for dungeon exploration and fulfill quest.

He/she will be eager to spend or invest resources for better equipment, faster building, recruit new character, and eventually make new base at different location. In later stage, player can invade other player’s guild or town if some condition fulfill although it will lead other player who under attack to retaliated, much similar to Player vs Player (PvP).

RO Ash Vacum 5

When a player login for first time, he/she will introduce into an option where he have to pick one among three countries in Ragnarok Online world, Rune-Midgarts kingdom, Schwarzwald Republic and Arunafeltz nation. In general, those three countries are more or less same in gameplay. However, it has different background and building models.


Rune-Midgarts has European medieval background with green scenery, meanwhile, Schwarzwald Republic has Middle East background with dry scenery, and lastly, Arunafeltz nation has Central Asia background with arid scenery. In my opinion, this background was discouraged for anyone who play as Schwarzwald or Arunafeltz’s player. It will be better if player get different background scenery depends on where he/she set up new camp or base.


In Ragnarok Ash Vacuum, player moved his/her party by select character into specific tile in world map. For instance, player want to moved swordman, priest and ninja into fire dungeon (represent by volcano icon). He can just open world map, tab nearest fire dungeon then it will show up selection screen where player can add party members, next select attack tab and it will show how much time required to go and return for the party. If player satisfied to time just select “attack & return” tab and it will executed by the game. There a shoes icon in base indicate who party member in mission and it’s time progress.

Dungeon is place where player earned his payment through fulfill quest, item drop and experience by clear floor level inside dungeon. There 6 dungeon types in Ragnarok Ash Vacuum, such as, Fire dungeon (volcano icon), Water dungeon (spring icon), Wind dungeon, (hurricane icon), Earth dungeon (old building icon), Dark dungeon (black box icon) and Light Dungeon (temple icon). Each dungeon has 100 floor filled with monster ready to challenge player’s party and full of items or loots.

Meanwhile, resource fields are place near player where they can acquired additional resources beside upgrade method. There 4 resources field types, which include, farm (for food), foundry (for ore or mine), quarry (for stone) and sawmill (for wood).

RO ash vacum 1 RO ash vacum 2

Next, camp or base is place where player organize and oversee his/her resource production, train troops, research defensive and attack ability, manufacture accessories, trade or exchange, recruit new character, upgrade defense and instruct troops or character movement through command centre. There will be some  tutorials that will show how to do it for new player at start of Ragnarok Ash Vacuum. The tutorial located in quest option at “Normal quest”.

New player shouldn’t too worry about play this game but it requires some time before player can enjoy this game at full capacity.


unnamed 1

Ragnarok Path of Heroes Valkyrie Uprising is the second game of Ragnarok Online Mobile. This game is almost similar to original Ragnarok Online gameplay in some term but different in other part. It was opposite to Ragnarok Ash Vacuum. Ragnarok Path of Heroes Valkyrie Uprising is a game for player who like constant action, instant reward, individual control and explore large area of game map. In addition, its a game which also emphasis social interaction or communication with other player in order to complete quest or explore higher level dungeon.

unnamed 2

However, there significant differences in Ragnarok Path of Heroes Valkyrie Uprising than original Ragnarok Online. The first, it’s home base system where player start the game at his/her base screen where useful information about themselves are shown all together in compact, such as, health/magic statistic, option, mailbox, event, storage, bag, mercenary (for rent AI characters), store, forge, guild info and auction section. Player don’t have to worry about he/she under attack while access their info option or need to return into town for save their progress.

The second, there are 4 types of game play ready to be explore by player, they are include, dungeon (player will instantly teleport into dungeon and fight until they clear specific dungeon level), Battlefield (it’s much similar to PVP), Ranking (similar to a tournament) and lastly, field (where player will be teleport into map and he/she can hunting monster there).

The field area is almost similar game play much like original Ragnarok Online. Player will be offered number selection of maps and will be teleport into it, explore and fight any monster he/she sees in map for reward and experience.


Meanwhile, Ragnarok Path of Heroes Valkyrie Uprising has similar game play screen method as much as original Ragnarok Online where player can move his/her character by tab screen or use virtual pad in smartphone or tablet’s touchscreen. When player spotted a monster he can fight it by select it and tab “sword” button on right corner screen or he just move until near the monster then tab the sword button will automatically attack the monster until it defeated.

The monster always drop some items which can be pick up by player by tab “glove” button will automatically send the item into character bag. On other hand, player’s character movement will be slower if it’s bag capacity almost full so its wise to return home and sell items/loots from hunting for some zenny through store option.

If player feel enough his/her hunting time or reach new level or fulfill quest requirement they can go straight home by pressing home button on left below corner screen will teleport them into home/base screen. It will act as save process in game so player doesn’t need worry about save point or find Kafra for save his progress like in original Ragnarok Online.


Interestingly, there something that make Ragnarok Path of Heroes Valkyrie Uprising different from original Ragnarok Online game. It’s mercenary system where player can modify his/her pet as mercenary or helper in hunting or quest. For instance, you have a Sohee pet then it can be help beat other monster with you in hunting so player can hunting alone without need companion from other player. However, this system cannot guarantee player can defeated stronger monster alone, party with other player will increase chance to do it, particularly if other player also have pet too.

In summary, both Ragnarok Online’s mobile games have advantages and disadvantages that cannot accommodate all player’s satisfaction who ever play original Ragnarok Online. Some player like where they can control guild management while other like where they can take control in-game and hunting monster. But, those games were enough for represented Ragnarok Online world that ever made international hit in past time. Perhaps, we can play better version Ragnarok Online game much like the original game in the future if mobile and online game technology reach certain level.

Lastly and most importantly, both game can be played in smartphone or tablet for FREE using facebook or email registration. I recommended use facebook due its easier and faster validation without need to reenter email address again each time player log in into game.

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