In many adventure and fantasy manga, reader always read how main character or hero defeated evil entity, monster or villain in order to restore peace or bring world where he/she lives into better future. But, we never informed or little information what, why and how monster becomes evil or hostile toward humans civilization and reason behind those view of point in fantasy manga.Those reason and development are best describe in manga named Re:Monster.

Re:Monster is a manga adaptation from Re:Monster light novel created by Kanekiru Kogitsune while, it’s manga version draw by Kobayakawa Haruyoshi.



Re:Monster is manga in form of biography or narration of diary of a young goblin named Rou who ,in fact, he actually reincarnation from human in his previous life. Goblin Rou brought his previous life knowledge and practiced into his goblin’s life lead him to became Hobgoblin, an advance evolution of goblin, then evolved into Ogre Lord later he became Apostle Lord, a rare or near extinct goblin species.

However, Goblin Rou is never becomes an evil monster like goblin or ogre in other manga. He brought his previous human experiences, talent and wisdom into his goblin life lead into future which never expected by reader. He teach his fellow goblin, help them into more civilized, introduces order and rules, encourage contact to other races in great forest, and united all monsters or non-human races, finally he slowly form simple nation under his leadership that can be compare to human kingdom in his world.


002 004

In beginning, goblin Rou was a small, young and weak goblin like ordinary goblin. He befriend other goblin called Kichi and hunt together in order to survive and collect food for his life. His leadership, talent and crafting bring respect and comrade nature inside goblin Kichi and later spread into other goblin in group. Goblin Kichi is later become his best friend as warrior or tanker fighter.

Goblin Rou also befriend a female goblin named Mi too. She becomes his second close friend in his early stage of his goblin life. Later, she becomes one of his lover and formal goblin wife when goblin Rou advance into higher level and status monster. Goblin Mii is an expert in bow and quick assault make her ideal for assassin or fast attacker while support goblin Rou and Kichi assault.

There other female goblin named Ne who joined goblin Rou’s gang. She much similar to goblin Mi but later attach to goblin Kichi.


Goblin Rou received his new experience and increase level through eating process. When he kills a creature he will immediately consume it besides to lessen his hunger also in order to transfer any experience, knowledge and level on the creature into him. Its like education but you done it not through study but eating instead.

More importantly, classes is important aspect in Re:Monster’s world where goblin’s evolution depend on how much experience he/she received and lead into specific class of goblin. For instance, a goblin can be evolves into hobgoblin then he/she can either becomes ogre or goblin lord or ghoul through experience process. While ogre or ghoul can advance to becomes vampire if specific requirements are meet. Meanwhile, ogre also can transform into minotaur too based on his/her preferences.

022 023

Securing food resource and relief hunger are basic need in primitive civilization in order to survive in harsh condition. Goblin Rou do it in order to construct rules and gained respect from his fellow goblin lead he to becomes as teacher for hunting. He teaches other goblin how to hunt, working in group, follow order, etc. Those goblin become his loyal minion sooner or later and secure goblin Rou’s position to becomes leader in the goblin community.

Goblin Rou will teach how to command and order his goblin community in order to increase, secure and distribute food supplies among his people. In later story, there a hint he will introduces how to do farming and domestication local monsters to become food resource to his growing community. He even creates primitive quartermaster or logistic organization uses his minion by elect suitable goblin to do it. In other word, he makes series of hierarchy for specific purpose or job.

But, hunting is main food production at the moment in early stage of Re:Monster manga.

024 003

Evolution or transformation is interesting process where goblin Rou will change into hobgoblin if specific requirements meet. He becomes more like human as he evolve into higher class. It’s process similar to job level change in role playing game where player asked by server if he/she want to change into higher class that give more abilities and specialty than previous class. Goblin Rou changed into rare class of goblin named hobgoblin where his hair grow, his skin get darken, his body become taller and much like human in every aspect, except his canine teeth.

010 011 013 014


Battle or fighting scene is drawing in full detail and shounen style in Re:Monster. Goblin Rou uses his hunting and leadership skill to leads his friends to ambush opponents stronger than them. In this example, he leads his gang to ambush a pair of wolf or kobold fighter through excellent coordination where goblin Rou scout his target and assess their surrounding. Then goblin Mi snipes one of kobold in order to distract their attention. After that, goblin Rou and Kichi attack those kobold from different direction and subdue the target in single strike. As result, goblin Rou and his friends get better equipments, weapons, food and experiences through this process.






Goblin Rou meets other creatures or individual, befriend, get along and encourage them to join his growing family as the story progress. He recruits potential individuals, teaches and praises them in order to increase their rank and loyalty toward him in order to help him manage his expanded community. This individuals prove crucial in upcoming event as goblin Rou’s nation clashed against other larger or better civilization, for instance, human kingdom.

Although, he finally manage to make peace with human kingdom and change people perception about monster or non-human creature in other nation in later story. But, before goblin Rou reach those position he will get some adventures and some events that change his future than he never imagine himself. Will goblin Rou becomes hero and lead his community prosper or he will reach the top as dark lord who dominating everyone? It only time and story in Re:Monster light novel or manga will tell reader in the future.

Utawarerumono seattlekifujin


To be honest, Re:Monster light novel or manga is much like a spiritual successor of Utawarerumono game or anime created by Leaf Studio mixed with Maoyuu Maou Yuusha “Kono Watashi No Mono Tonare elements where main character or protagonist started as single individual gradually befriend everyone and lead his people into better life and found a nation that respected by its neighbor countries.

Many adventure or fantasy manga never show in narration or describe close how it’s main character experiences grow up step by step. In adventure and fantasy manga most main character already has some experiences and has background history which briefly tell his/her current life, such as, Berserk, Fairly Tails, Dark Air, Ozanari Dungeon, etc.

While on some manga, there huge gap skipped in main character’s history and only tell how main character involvement in current time and contribution for better world where he/she living, for instance, Maoyuu Maou Yuusha “Kono Watashi No Mono Tonare, Yuusha yo”Kotowaru! series.

In Re:Monster, protagonist start teaches his experiences and passed his knowledge into his people from basic or primitive methods in order to increase their survival. He indirectly creates hierarchy system where suitable person put in charge to manage specific job or purpose that lead increase efficiency of his organization. Goblin Rou’s community grow and expansion constantly demand he to find better solution or system that cement his nation’s foundation sooner or later in the story. This situation much similar to  Maoyuu Maou Yuusha “Kono Watashi No Mono Tonare, Yuusha yo”Kotowaru! series.

In summary, Re:Monster is best manga for reader who interest to learn how primitive people gradually advance their civilization into better nation as in history civilization record. Nevertheless, reader should be aware Re:Monster is classified as seinen category due there some disturbing parts of the story that require better reader’s judgment when read the story. It is a good manga.

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    1. Have you read the english translation light novel version?
      The story update is faster in the light novel.
      Kinda like spoiler for me but worth to check it before it’s manga version update.

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