Sport, comedy and girl are best ingredient for anyone who sick or boring read serious sport manga, such as Slam Dunk, Harlem Beat, Prince of Tennis, Rookie etc. There few good  girl sport manga titles such as Beach Star, Bamora and Bamboo Blade. Those manga much focus in major sport game like volley ball, futsal, soccer and kendo.

Baggataway is title Lacrosse sport manga created by Iroha Kohinata. Its emphasis around woman Lacrosse club activities in a fictional Japanese high school named Chikushi Gakuen (aka Chikushi High School). There stereotype in public, particularly Japanese people, that Lacrosse is a sport only played by rich girls although it’s not true due in reality Lacrosse is a serious sport played by man and woman much similar to soccer and volley ball game.

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The main story of Baggataway is centered around 12 members of Chikushi woman Lacrosse club mostly when their practice times and tournament event. There some detail about daily life of those girls in their dormitory but the story tells how far the character development as Lacrosse player through their practices and encounter rivals in tournament of friendship match.


The main character in Baggataway is an energetic and happy girl named Shizuku Utsugi who just recently accepted at Chikushi gakuen as freshman. She previously study in an island near of Kyushu. Her mother send her to mainland in order to get Utsugi experience as a high school girl life more colorful.



Utsugi has innocent side and country pumpkin girl type in her first day school so she hooked by trial session held by Chikushi gakuen’s woman Lacrosse team. On other hand, she attract attention the Lacrosse team due her energetic nature. The event is serves as Utsugi’s determination to enters Lacrosse team later.

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There two other freshman high school girls beside Shizuku Utsugi who enter Lacrosse team. The first one, an energetic and tomboy girl named Kisaragi Nina who has nickname “Danchou” (aka boss or leader). Later, there a shy, intellect and glasses girl by name Nanase Fumi. In the end, Utsugi, Nina and Fumi are new generation of Chikushi gakuen’s Lacrosse team.

2_019 2_020

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Meanwhile, senior members of Chikushi gakuen’s woman Lacrosse team are include tomboy bandana girl named Yaegaki Kazuha (aka Hachi), forehead girl called Mizushino Rokuna (aka Roku), big boob drill hair girl named Ichizaku Mutsuka (aka Ichi-sempai/vice-captain), coolness girl called Shihatsu Touko (aka Princess/captain), big strong girl named Gotou Satsuki (aka Gochan) and mature girl called Amaai Shiho.

There new characters join Chikushi gakuen’s woman Lacrosse club as the story progress later. Those senior and junior are foundation of the school Lacrosse team.

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Baggataway beside describe Lacrosse game and rules also provide a brief history of Lacrosse sport. Lacrosse is a traditional sport play by native American for hunting training. The native game later modified by French people in North America through set of rules and competition for sport and entertainment purpose. The word “Lacrosse” came from stick net used in native American in the game that resemble cross. An interesting fact, “Baggataway” is definition for Lacrosse game in Ojibwa indian language. Lacrosse reaches popularity in French and British North America time and becomes Canada national sport today.

Lacrosse played in field same size as soccer and ice hockey. The differences are Lacrosse only played for 25 minutes while soccer can last for 1-2 hours. More importantly, Lacrosse use stick net in the play while soccer not use any device.

3_017 3_019

There two basic things in Lacrosse play that named “cradling” for a method for hold a ball in Lacrosse’s stick net (named crosse). Next, “ground ball” for a way to pick up Lacrosse’s ball in ground. There other basic methods and rules detailed in later story.

4_008 4_009

Basic Lacrosse practice is consist two team start compete each other by catch ball through “draw” session and conduct offense into the goal. Lacrosse practice can be done in half size soccer field so its flexible game. Similar to ice hockey, Lacrosse start match by pressing offense player’s crosse each other and flip the ball into air. Any player who catch the ball may proceed for offense.


Lacrosse is similar to soccer where there offside rule that must be follow by players. The difference Lacrosse offside is happen if there less than 3 player left on off side field. There also other important rules in Lacrosse that the story mention later.

8_027 8_028

An interesting fact, Lacrosse employ two attack methods called “fast break” for direct shot similar to ice hockey and “set play” strategy where a player attack from behind the goal. This kind play never existed in other sport beside Lacrosse.


Other thing interesting, there play method in Lacrosse that similar to tennis play where two players pass ball in order to fool enemy player called “give and go”. This technique can be done due crosse is same much tennis racket.

9_008 9_009

The Lacrosse matches in Baggataway is highly detailed and sharp in shounen style make reader easy follow the story. In my opinion, female player who wearing spats under their skirt looks interesting and attractive than short or pants in reality Lacrosse game. The mangaka cleverly draw Lacrosse game in very detail in order to surface sport excitement in reader’s mind and catch reader attention to the story. It doesn’t require any eechi or fan service situation just to keep reader read the manga due it display just like woman Lacrosse play in general.


The most excitement moment in Lacrosse game is when a player manage to shot ball and make a score into opponent goalpost. Its much same as ice hockey but the ball must shot outside goalpost line like in soccer rules. Any player who shot inside goalpost line will result as fault.


In summary, Baggataway is an interesting sport manga due it help introduces and increases Lacrosse sport exposure into worldwide public, even in place where people never know Lacrosse before. Its a good manga for anyone who looking for less serious, fun, educative and sporty manga genre. The manga even help inspires me to watch Lacrosse game in reality too where through it I can feel excitement and fun doing Lacrosse game. In conclusion, it is a very good sport manga that you should read.

4 thoughts on “Baggataway

  1. The only sport manga you mentioned that I am familiar with is Bamboo Blade. I really enjoyed the anime series.

    1. Bamboo blade was good manga due the mangaka able to expressed physiological of characters as kendo player in detail and add colorful fun characters which enrich bamboo blade as you read manga or watched anime version of the story.

  2. Excelent coverage! I used to be more into anime and manga back in the day, especially sport ones, such as PoT and more recently, Haikyuu, but had not idea there was also a Lacrosse manga. I guess there is a manga for everything under the sun, after all. I was looking for a Hockey manga called “Go Ahead!” since I saw it on an issue of Shonen Jump, but didn’t find much about it. Is there an anime for this one?

    1. Not yet. But, Baggataway is looks promising to becomes anime as there are no lacrosse anime in japan. Most sport anime I had been watched was about soccer, tennis, cycling, kendo and car race.

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