Comiket 85 – Winter 2013


Leveraging Visionary Paradigms, Comiket 85 – Winter 2013, retrieved 30 December 2013, <>


The 85th Comiket (short for “Comic Market”) is currently being held in Tokyo, until tomorrow December 31st. Like the summer Comiket that I attended in August, it takes place at Tokyo Big Sight, on the island of Ariake. There are 3 parts to the Comiket: The main event is the Doujinshi fair (which I didn’t visit this time, since it seems to mostly consist of rows after rows of stands selling amateur homo-erotic manga) but there are also mutiple areas for cosplay, as well as a hall for professional companies to sell their products. The weather was great and the venue was really crowded.

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8 thoughts on “Comiket 85 – Winter 2013

      1. I read the nomination rules and find out that I can get nominate by more than two person. So I decided to accept your nomination too. Thank you.

  1. Cool pictures. I like the Madoka and Predator cosplay. LOL at the Steve Jobs posing with the iphone 5.

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