Anime Festival Asia (AFA) Indonesia 2013 2nd part

Anime Festival Asia logo

This post, as my promised will review other important zones in Anime Festival Asia Indonesia (AFA ID) 2013. The festival was held between 6,7 and 8 September 2013, at Jakarta, Indonesia.

AFA ID 2013 Floor map

The areas I mentioned on this post were located at basement floor in Jakarta Convention Centre (JCC). The basement zones are include Maid and Butler cafes, Creators Hub, Cosplay zones and Food Street section.

escalator line

The basement floor was connected by a pair escalators for climb and down. They were located next on right side to entrance gate when visitors complete their ticket and wrist identification check by security’s festival organizer.

In beginning, it easy and quick for visitors who arrive early at the festival to get into basement area due traffic flow wasn’t too crowd at the time. However, the traffic became overcrowd in midday forced lines or queue rule enforced by AFA ID’s organizer to divided visitors who want to take escalator to basement in safe manner. Later, it becomes too much crowd due visitors who want to visit basement floor collided new visitors from outside at the entrance gate . As result, the festival organizer decided to turn escalator for climb became down in order to ease overcrowded lines and increase visitors load transfer into basement area.

Meanwhile, visitors who want exit basement and to ground floor were reroute through large stairs at other side basement area. The reroute exit process didn’t announces by the festival organizer result some visitors and cosplayers confused to find exit way. Nevertheless, the visitors quickly located the stairs by follow crowd people who moving together to ground floor.

The AFA ID organizer should address this issue properly for next year festival too in order to anticipate crowd and visitor traffic problems in the future.

basement floor entrance

food street 1

food street 2

food street 3

When visitor arrived at basement floor after take escalator and he/she would find Japanese style food stalls line. The area named Street Food where visitors can get their lunch or light snack due Japanese theme they only sell Japanese food style, such as, ramen, sushi, bento, okonomiyaki, burger, dorayaki, red bean or green tea ice, ocha (hot/cold green tea), etc. It became overcrowd too at lunch time due everyone tried to get their lunch before somebody else.

I bought a bento set, one sushi set and two ice tea bottles due I afraid I didn’t have opportunity to got my next meals. It became true when I finished my meal there long waiting at the stall where I bought my lunch.

AFA creators hub

The Creators Hub is the heart of doujinshi activities world for Indonesia’s manga artists, cosplayers, hobbyists and many more to meet each other, buy, sell or exchange information relate to anime items, doujinshi or just for chat about their hobby with other person next to them who has same trait passion without burden or hesitation.

creator hub 1

The festival organizer manage to register 50 doujinshi and cosplay artists this year. They dispersed into 50 small booths provided by the festival organizer for displayed, sold and distributed their best doujinshi products. The Creators Hub is fierce competition place similar to corporate booths at ground floor due everyone hunt rare doujinshi, art book, merchandise create by local artists.

creator hub 2

creator hub 3

This local anime figure manufacture group came from Bandung, Indonesia, for introduce their best collection products that have quality to compete against import goods.

reon comic 1

reon comic 2

Reon Comic is newcomer Indonesia company or group who enter manga market in Indonesia through their manga/comic magazine. Its attracts a lot of visitors who want to know what kind product the company sell to public or how the history or story founding of Reon Comic. The manga magazine has similarity to Newtype magazine format but in Indonesia language.

creator hub 9

There some interesting doujinshi artists who attend the AFA ID 2013 too. For example, Rare Candy is inspiring doujinshi artist group who specialize in Pokemon world. They sold various merchandise related Ash and Pikachu, such as, pins, stickers, doujinshi, art book, book separators, etc. Made by themselves.

gothic lolita cosplayer 1

gothic lolita cosplayer 2

Most interesting, there a Gothic Lolita cosplayer group who participate in the festival and they came long from Surabaya, Indonesia. According to their leader, they actually work in sewing industry and use their sewing skill try to replicate gothic lolita fashion in Japan. They look have strong commitment to their hobby by judge of gothic fashion they are wearing. I personally respect them due gothic style fashion are still rare to surface in Indonesia compare to other countries.

doujinshi 1

doujinshi 2

doujinshi 3

creator hub 8

fans art 1

fans art 2

doujinshi 3

doujinshi 4

doujinshi 5

There tons of doujinshi circle group who try their luck at AFA ID 2013 to introduce their group to Indonesia’s anime and manga world. It made a colorful atmosphere inside the festival.

AFA cafes

AFA Cafe section was once again repeated their success last year. It is where maid and butler style cafe open and serve visitor like young master or mistress. The AFA ID organizer brought more maids and butlers to serve visitors this year. There least eight maids and eight butlers are serving at the festival.

maid and butler cafe 1

maid and butler cafe 2

Nevertheless, I didn’t have opportunity to try maid cafe due too long visitors lines who want to taste this kind sub culture first hand.

cosplayer 1

cosplayer 2

cosplayer 3

cosplayer 4

cosplayer 5

Lastly, there a lot of cosplayers tried their performance style and willing to photographed in this festival too. It was a heaven for amateur photographer or cosplayer fans who want to get latest cosplay material and style.

In the end, the AFA ID 2013 was a successful event to attracted and catched otaku and anime fan’s attention in Indonesia. I hope the AFA Indonesia has better preparation next year.

2 thoughts on “Anime Festival Asia (AFA) Indonesia 2013 2nd part

  1. This looked really fun 😛 Lots of great cosplayers and a ton of people, I’ve only gotten to small-scale anime conventions in california. I hope to get the opportunity to visit bigger conventions in california and post my experiences on my blog in the future.

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