Gate-Jietai no chi nite, kaku tatakeri

gate cover

Gate-Jietai no chi nite, kaku tatakeri was a manga based on Japanese light novel in same title write by Yanai Takumi. Its a fantasy packed military action manga with comedy and eechi situation in some points of the storyline. The manga can be categorize as seinen and supernatural genre due it’s bloody and battle scene in some parts of the story. Nevertheless, the manga was still good enough for shounen manga reader who want read it. The manga version was illustrated by Sao Satoru.

Gate - Jietai Kare no Chi nite- Kaku Tatakeri 02   Third Recon Team to the Special Region-001 e002

PopsSgt. Toshio Kurata

Gate-Jietai no chi nite, kaku tatakeri manga storyline is evolve around Third Recon Team lead by 1st Lieutenant Youji Itami in the Special Region. The team consists twelve soldiers with colorful individuals in term of behavior, perception and seniority lead them experiencing some humor and eechi situation. Beside Itami, there two woman soldiers named Kuri and Kurokawa who one mature meanwhile other childish. Next, there a master sergeant who called Pops by other soldiers due he was instructor since their cadets time. Lastly, a Sergeant named Toshio Kurata who adore monster girls. The manga are describing life and experiences around Itami.

Empire invasion

Battle Ginza 2

The manga is start by introduction 2nd Lieutenant Youji Itami who help coordinate Tokyo’s forces defense in desperate maneuver against attack from unknown troops who breach through a gate in middle of Ginza area. Itami’s retreat and rear guard strategy help civilian evacuation through Japanese Imperial Palace while delay enough time until reinforcement from Japan Self Defense Forces (JSDF) Army and Navy arrive to the scene.  As result, Itami was promoted to became 1st Lieutenant with decoration for his bravery in combat scene called Battle Double Bridge.

Night counter attack 1

Night Counter Attack 2

Itami’s adventure continues as JSDF secure the gate where unknown enemy troops poured into Tokyo and established combat perimeter on other side of gate which lead into new world. It’s setting much like Stargate movie and Stargate SG-1 series in television, although it in manga and Japanese taste. Nice setting. In further storyline, JSDF expedition forces managed to repelled night attack by unknown forces which identified as Imperial Troops now. The Imperial Troops was identical as ancient Roman soldier in armor outfit and formation.

Sage apprentice Lelei Rory Mercury

Tuka introduction 1 Tuka

In new world that called Special Region, Itami’s squad encounter interesting characters which become regular part of the squad in later story. The first, is an elf girl named Tuka who rescued by Itami. Second, a Sage Apprentice named Lelei who become Itami’s spokesman in communicate to local people. Lastly, a child looking apostle emroy named Rory Mercury who expert in combat.

Flame dragon attack  Flame dragon aftermath

Their first combat action as recon squad in the new world was fought against a dragon called flame dragon due it’s capability to bursting flame and razing anything against it. The squad successfully repelled the dragon attack and saved refugees from any harm although there life causalities among civilian. It’s also where Tuka, the elf girl, help Itami’s group by telling where the dragon’s weakness point located in it’s eye and finished it using panzerfaust.

Italica strategy meeting Rumors

On next story arch, the Itami’s third recon squad help local noble and Imperial princess named Pina Co Lada in fortress town named Italica which under siege by brigands. Itami and Princess Pina decided to join forces while buy some time for reinforcement arrive to Italica. The princess later becomes close allied of Itami and JSDF in order to end the war.

Scouts Double defensive

Rory's Attack Match each other

Helicopter attack Italica battle conclusion

In this story arch reader can learning some medieval strategy where local defense forces use double envelope gate in order to bled enemy wave attack in case the town’s gate breached. Later in fighting scene, Rory enter the combat and slaughter a lot of enemy soldier with help Kuri. The battle and combat scene is well detailed with some martial art action add shooting and grenade throwing scene. Finally, JSDF airborne reinforcement arrive at Italica and routes any marauders who try to escape and capture a lot of enemy troops.

Princess's guard corps Princess's decision

The order of knights The meeting

In next story arch, Itami squad encounter the princess guard corps after Italica battle. In this scene, reader is introduces to Lady Panache and Lady Bozes, member nobles families who serve under princess Pina. The princess guard corps consists only woman delighted Itami. Nevertheless, Bozes made misunderstanding about Itami as enemy. As result, princess Pina have to met General Hazama who lead JSDF in special region in order to settle down the misunderstanding.

On the other side of gate

Before parlemen's inquiries

However, princess Pina, Lady Bozes, Tuka, Lelei and Rory are invite to visit Japan country in other side of gate which are showing up culture gasp on them. Princess Pina and Lady Bozes are meeting to Japan representative to negotiate prisoner of war return home. Meanwhile, Tuka, Lelei and Rory are invite to give speech and enquiry before Japan parliament, called the Diet. There some story political intrigues surrounded their visit to Japan but Itami manage to lead them back to special region safely.

Maids Business triving

new life and new business  trade and improvement

Meanwhile, JSDF garrison at Alnus hill is attracting merchants from empire and result established trade routes into Alnus community where Japanese handicraft and tools are in great demand in empire world. The Alnus community is develop into thriving town with support of JSDF garrison and Forumaru household at Italica. New monster girls arrive and work there as maids and waiters which create excitement among JSDF troops.


Gate-Jietai no chi nite, kaku tatakeri is a good manga where it’s storyline not only an adventure military science fiction with medieval fantasy background. It also describe how trading evolution between two different cultures, culture gap, valor, gothic lolita genre, modern colonization, culture approach and many other aspects which I cannot describe all of them. In addition, the story always filled with comedy and eechi which make comic relief and lead the manga not too heavy atmosphere for reader.


In conclusion, Gate-Jietai no chi nite, kaku tatakeri has originality storyline that never has been seriously exploited previous by novel, manga and publisher in Japan due it able to bridging medieval theme and modern theme perfectly. Reader can imagine through the manga how two civilization in wide technology gap meet, interact and influence each other in positive term. Gate-Jietai no chi nite, kaku tatakeri also good reference for writer or mangaka who want to write storyline in science fiction genre.

Its good for canon idea or theme style about futuristic space expedition settle down in habitable planet then meet contact with local civilization that similar to ancient earth civilization.



It’s good manga, I recommend it and whoever read will like it in no time. It is potential to becomes anime series too due many interesting plots connected each other.

3 thoughts on “Gate-Jietai no chi nite, kaku tatakeri

  1. It is criminal how little of the manga is scanlated. Last I checked, in Japan they’re already fighting at the Capital. God only knows what led up to that.

    1. No, it only minor skirmish in current manga chapter. The battle for Capital arch is still further away for manga version.

      Spoiler: There two archs need finish first before fighting for Capital part.

      My calculation the capital arch will be available in end of this year or next year if there no trouble in mangaka side. Unless it weekly publication.

      Hope this clear you.

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