Ghost in the Shell ARISE ~Sleepless Eyes~


Ghost in the Shell: Arise is latest anime series of Ghost in the Shell adaptation which schedule to be aired in Japan around June 2013. The Ghost in the Shell: Arise ~Sleepless Eyes~ was manga series which tells side-story of around upcoming anime series itself. The manga is write by Fujisaku Junichi and illustrate by Ooyama Takumi.

The original of Ghost in the Shell story was created by Masamune Shiro which became movie in 1995. It became hit and cult in Japan anime industry later the world after it broadcasted and licensed outside Japan.

The Ghost in the Shell’s popularity lead into production of ‘Ghost in the Shell: Innocence’ (2004) and ‘Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society’ (2006). There also two anime series which produced too. They are ‘Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex’ (2002) and ‘Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C 2nd GIG’ (2004).


In general, Ghost in the Shell series always tell story about Public Security Section 9, a fictional secret government organization, which directly report to prime minister of Japan. The organization lead by  Lt Col. Aramaki, dubbed “old ape”, while in field unit is lead by Major Motoko Kusanagi, under her command includes Batou, Togusa, Ishikawa, Saito, Paz and Boma.


Nevertheless, there difference between Ghost in the Shell: Arise series than previous of Ghost in the Shell adaption. The storyline of Ghost in the Shell:Arise is tells around time before Public Security Section 9 officially formed. At least, how it describes in Ghost in the Shell:Arise ~Sleepless Eyes~ manga. There a lot of speculation about Ghost in the Shell:Arise storyline in internet which vague and only can be answer when the series is released in middle 2013.


Beside timeline storyline, other difference of Ghost in the Shell: Arise is new appearance of Major Motoko Kusanagi. She describes as a young woman with short hairstyle instead a mature woman with bang hairstyle in the upcoming anime series. However, it make the trademark of Major Kusanagi gone which should become icon like in previous series.

One thing that make me smile is Batou’s previous work is delivery express before he joined Public Security Section 9.

月刊ヤングマガジン4月号016 月刊ヤングマガジン4月号017

The storyline in Ghost in the Shell: Arise ~Sleepless Eyes~ was around Batou’s war experiences while he still joined Rangers. He got a friend named Noroshi which part of his team while their rangers unit deployed in South America war. They made an oath that anyone who survive the war will bring their dog tag back home to Japan for buried. And, Batou still keep the oath up today.

月刊ヤングマガジン4月号020 月刊ヤングマガジン4月号022

According to Chief Aramaki’s briefing, Noroshi is a bomb suspect who already involved in foreign embassy bombing and several government building destruction. Noroshi also receive heavily cyborg body which he against his philosophy in the past. Batou still cannot believe the fact and request he will personally deal Noroshi himself. Aramaki reluctantly approve Bataou’s request.


月刊ヤングマガジン4月号034 月刊ヤングマガジン4月号035 月刊ヤングマガジン4月号036 月刊ヤングマガジン4月号037 月刊ヤングマガジン4月号038 月刊ヤングマガジン4月号039 月刊ヤングマガジン4月号040

The fighting scene between Batou and Noroshi is good, clean and fully description involving hand-to-hand combat, cyborg weapon and small arm. I don’t need to describe it further if the action scene in the manga looks like this then it higher chance action scene in the upcoming series will be awesome too.

月刊ヤングマガジン4月号042 月刊ヤングマガジン4月号043 月刊ヤングマガジン4月号044

In the end, Batou shot and fatally wounded Noroshi. The dying Noroshi finally admit his fault to Batou and tells that Batou never change all the time while Noroshi himself who wrong all this time and betray his philosophy. Batou see his friend died before him.

月刊ヤングマガジン4月号045 月刊ヤングマガジン4月号047

Major Kusanagi and chief Aramaki confront Batou in building entrance. The chief order Batou capture Noroshi alive but Batou killed Noroshi instead and disobeying his order. In the end, chief Aramaki questioned Major Kusanagi why she recommend Batou recruitment into the Section 9 squad. The Major only said she already recruit Batou since he still in rangers.


There flashback how Major Motoko Kusanagi and Batou fighting for their first time. They meet for their first time in South America war and how they left behind by the army after the town where they operated are hit by bombing run and Batou lost all his ranger’s squad. The event also became reason of Noroshi’s revenge up today.

月刊ヤングマガジン4月号051 月刊ヤングマガジン4月号054

In the end of chapter, Batou remind himself about his time in the rangers. There a possibility Ghost in the Shell: Arise ~Sleepless Eyes~ next chapter is about Batou’s past time when he stationed in ranger at South America and probably how he meet Major Motoko kusanagi.

In summary, Ghost in the Shell: Arise ~Sleepless Eyes~ is good manga with detail drawing style. It seems the writer of upcoming Ghost in the Shell series want to make distinction from previous Ghost in the Shell series. So, the manga illustration also different from original Ghost in the Shell manga created by Masamune Shiro.

In my opinion, it is mistake to eliminate Masamune Shiro’s drawing style which lead to missing of important essence in Ghost in the Shell style. Although, it seems the new writer keep use  topics from original Ghost in the Shell. The storyline in Ghost in the Shell: Arise ~Sleepless Eyes~ was based from the original Ghost in the Shell manga and looks try to continue legacy and trademark of Ghost in the Shell adaptation.

We cannot confirm it if the new adaptation can keep and continue the tradition and legacy of Ghost in the Shell until upcoming series screening in June 2013.

5 thoughts on “Ghost in the Shell ARISE ~Sleepless Eyes~

  1. The art is very detailed, clean and sharp, carries a dark moody atmosphere as well and I have to admit, I like it better then what I saw of the anime version. The fight scenes are amazing as I’m a sucker for fight scenes.
    Unfortunately, I have to agree with you, eliminating Shirows style and portrayal of the characters might have been a mistake (this is particularly evident in the Major herself), I don’t have any problems with Batou though, if anything, he looks the best here in this manga then he ever has (sorry shirow).
    I have been a GITS fan for many years and I always try to be open minded and appreciate anything new that comes out on this classic series.
    Again unfortunately, I have yet to see an anime adaption that I am completely satisfied with.
    The first GITS film that came out in 1995 had the right amount of atmosphere and some very creative ideas (Motoko jumping off the building, her decapitation against the tank and her eventual head being blown off, the opening sequence of the film, Motoko seeing another just like herself, but to name a few), sadly I feel the film suffered more then gained. Don’t get me wrong, I understand why it made such a huge impact at the time its but looking at the plot, it was very weakly executed, the amount of nudity in the film, especially Motoko’s was unnecessary and flawed, I don’t care how people try to cover that up by saying it wasn’t fan service, it was her camouflage, it was to show how she uses her body as a weapon, as merely a tool, it just didn’t work for me. Especially since Shirow didn’t need to make his character do that in the first place! And we all know Masamune Shirow loves fan service. What I felt was the biggest downfall was again, eliminating Shirows characters but this time replacing them with characters that were not only dead, but bore little resemblance physically to what he created, already eliminating the chance for character development and interesting characters. The Motoko Kusanagi of the film was as dead as Twilights lead Bella Swan with the tendency to get lost in long monologues that in Shirows manga would have made sense but in film, was just techno psycho babble. kusanagi also looked very androgynous, she was too muscular, kept reminding me of schwarzenegger (and not in that cool Terminator way but more in the muscles), wasn’t very likable and just in general didn’t appeal to me. I know a lot of people say this film triumphs over the manga but I don’t think so.
    The televison series was just alright for me. For some reason I just wasn’t drawn to it like I thought I would be and hoped I would be. I couldn’t really hold my attention. Again, Kusanagi’s initial appearance changed but at least she looked like some part of her original manga appearance and had the personality.
    Now comes GITS Arise. Honestly, I just don’t understand why they would want to make a prequel of the series, showing a much younger Major and how she got involved with Section 9 when I would much rather prefer seeing Four movie specials with three original stories hinting at a bigger arc and the fourth dealing with that big arc, and I want to see Masumune Shirows Motoko Kusanagi from the manga (the one in the early Playstation game in 1997) make her anime debut, with her black hair and sexy figure and feisty personality. She’s the one I want to see jump off the building like her alternate 1995 self did. I just don’t understand why they won’t animate Shirows real characters instead of re imaging them time and time again. I would like to see Motoko travel through the Net and have a plot revolve around her being in there for instance.
    I’ll tune into GITS Arise but right now, the manga does seem interesting.

    1. Thanks for your detail comment. I agree that Ghost in the Shell series should moving to timeline after event of GITS or GITS 2nd instead before GITS. There a lot of hole that can be exploit by Ghost in the Shell production and I still curios what happen to Major and Section 9 in the future.

      However, Major Kusanagi is still the core of Ghost in the Shell realm and I cannot imagine she replaced by other character. I ever have prediction that she would succeed Chief Aramaki in the future, but, it still not fit for her. She is kind of character which prefer to work in fields rather coordinating Section 9 operation in head office. It will requires a strong, mature and feminine female character to replace her but it will down side for Ghost in the Shell adaptation.

      I know your feeling due I also recorded the opening movie of Ghost in the Shell PlayStation game. Motoko in game was much humorous than in original movie, GITS and GITS 2nd.

      I still cannot give my verdict if the upcoming series is good, enough or disgrace for Ghost in the Shell legacy. For the manga, its good for side-story.

      Wait and see…

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing the anime version of Arise, although to be honest I would have been happier with another season of Stand Alone Complex.

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