Dragons Rioting


Dragons Rioting is much like combination of Ikkitousen and Maken-ki manga, however, it has opposite storyline from those manga. In martial arts-ecchi genre usually main protagonist, always male, end up in pervert situation due his doing or by accident. Nevertheless, in dragons rioting the main protagonist was diagnosed he has fatal disease which can kill him if he get sexual excitement. In summary, in order to preserve his life he must avoid pervert thing or he will die.

The manga was created by manga artist named Watanabe Tsuyoshi. Dragons rioting is his/her first serialization as manga writer and artist.

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In the beginning of the story tells a small healthy boy named Rintaro was on middle trip in theme park with his father. He experienced breathing difficulties after an accident later his father brought him into a doctor who diagnosed he has a disease called “Henisei Tashu Ijou Syndrome” or translate as Odd Behaviour Towards Opposite Sex – Syndrome. It looks like a mixed physiology and heart stroke disease as it describe in the manga.

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Rintaro’s father, in order to save his son life, bring Rintarou into his training area deep in mountain and introduce Rintaro to martial-arts called Koei Sugetsu, particularly, it mind and body control arts that will help Rintaro to save himself in neck time situation.

12 14

Rintaro successfully use the martial-arts skill in his junior high school without known by his friends. For example, Rintaro manage to slip out silently when he and his friends are passing high school girl groups on their ways to school. While, his friends purposely stumble and grope girls on their way he use his skills to avoid girl at all cost. He determine to avoid any eroticism.


However, his fate change when he enter senior high school at Nangokuren high school. At first, he thought its an all-boy high school based on the name. He befriend with two boys freshman at his school first day entrance named Kousuke and Tamao. They looks pervert and planning something which make Rintaro puzzle about it until he find out inside the school.


When he enter the school ground on his first day he find two group of girls prepare fighting each other. It shocked him because he thought Nangokuren high school was an all-boy high school and why there girls in all-boy high school.

19 26

Rintaro find out that Nangokuren high school is, in fact, new co-ed high school after it previously an all-girl high school. The percentage of girl population are 99 percentage than boy in the high school. It looks like girl heaven for boy who accepted into it. However, there something else that Nangokuren high school make different from other high school.

35 36

Nangokuren high school use the law of nature for it’s student life inside the school. So, there constant of conflict among girl groups in the school for supremacy and control authority. In summary, whoever winning the conflict she will be the ruler over students life inside Nangokuren high school.  Currently, the conflict divide into three major group.

The high school setting background similar to Romance Three Kingdom story. The three major girl group are same as states of Wei, Shu and Wu. They are fighting for domination over other.

37  38

The largest girl group is Kougou-Ryuu lead by busty and wild girl named Kyouka. Her group is oppose by other group, Sensei-Ryuu, lead by Ayane. The third group which neutral on both side, named Ransui-Ryuu under command a girl name Rino.


33 34

Rintaro is witnessing fighting between Kyouka against Ayane. Ayane heavily use her feet and kick to neutralize her opponent while Kyouka primary skill use her arm and hand to block Ayane attack. It concludes by Rintaro that Ayane use much energy than Kyouka which lead she lose a lot of stamina.

The fighting was detailed drawing and good for shounen manga which aimed for young boy reader. There a lot of eechi scene among fighting between Ayane and Kyouka

45 46


As the fighting near conclusion, Rintaro accidentally run into middle of path Kyouka final blow to Ayane. He is more aware to Kyouka and Ayane boobs  instead see what approaching him. For regular boy its the best situation due he will be land between two busty girl. However, it is the worst situation for Rintaro and can be trigger his sick. It forced him to put out his martial-arts skill in front of other students.

49 50

Rintaro using his skill to create walls between Kyouka and Ayane and force the fighting end in draw. Unfortunately, his action make him notice by Kyouka and Ayane. Kyouka admit his martial-arts skills and decide she will change his target from Ayane to Rintaro next time when they fighting. Meanwhile, Ayane who saw his superior skills decided to begged Rintaro to become her martial-arts master to teach her how to fighting more effective.


In the end, we can see that the peaceful high school days for Rintaro is pretty much end. He will be target as one of potential fighter in Nangokuren high school while he also be chase to become instructor of martial-arts by one of girl groups. In additon, his action is notice by Rino from Ransui-ryuu group unknown by him. In the end of chapter, reader can see Rintaro is running to administration office to withdraw his registration into Nangokuren high school which I doubt he will success to do it. He will spend his high school life avoiding girl while fighting to save his life.

So far, there no bloody scene similar to Ikkitousen, Maken-ki or Tenjou Tenge which dominate martial arts-eechi manga genre. I hope it less or not happen in this manga due it will be diminish it storyline where the main point of the story is reader can see how desperate the main character to winning or avoid fighting girls in order to save his life.

In conclusion, Dragons Rioting is good manga which introduces reader to strong main character with a fatal weakness which make him must avoid opposite gender lead it becomes interesting storyline. Its hilarious.

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