K anime project

K project anime

‘K’ anime or sometimes its called  ‘K’ project is the latest original anime series brainchild of producer Gou Nakanishi. His previous works were include Fafner and Asura Cryin’. The anime is schedule to be release in October 2012, or in autumn season. ‘K’ project is mysterious and top secret project due limited information about it circulate in anime fans network around the globe. So far, there only four teasing trailers in official websites and youtube.

The latest information about ‘K’ anime was an episode 30 minutes screening at Anime Festival Asia (AFA) Indonesia that last from 1 to 2 September 2012. The screening indeed provide information about the world where ‘K’ anime take place. I can said it take in future of Japan but near present day where holographic and touch screen technology already dominate our life. The world much remind me about daily life in Macross Frontier series.

In this review, I only describe project ‘K’ anime BASED on my analysis and speculation of storyline of it. Some information probably missed or miscalculated when the anime officially aired in the future.

CV Daisuke Ono

Kuro Yatogami voiced by Daisuke Ono is much like Alto Saotome from Macross Frontier series. However, Yatogami is an expert in sword arts who specialized in samurai or katana sword. He probably acted as bodyguard of Yashiro Isana. It presented near the end screening where he block fire bullets from red or Rakshasa group using his Japanese sword.

CV Daisuke Namikawa

Yashiro Isana voiced by Daisuke Namikawa was describe as easy going and friendly student which characteristic by his traditional umbrella. So far in screening, he never showed his martial arts ability but it suspected his skill is umbrella manipulation and magic. He is being protected by Kuro Yatogami means Yashiro is the leader of white group or Ashura caste.

I will explain why I named organization in ‘K’ anime as white or Ashura caste in near end of this post.


The ‘K’ anime has a lot of hot and beautiful characters which can spoiled either female and male audiences to fall in love to them, particularly the blue squad. In addition, the action and battle style can satisfy anime fans who like battle anime. Sword fighting, martial arts and magic are fighting styles which dominated the action inside ‘K’ anime. When, I saw the screening remind me of Bleach’s action. The Blue uniforms also have same purpose as shinigami squad in Bleach series. Lastly, their weapon preferences is rapier sword.

CV Tomokazu Sugita

Reishi Munakata voiced by Tomokazu Sugita is the captain of blue squad or Brahma caste described in the screening. He looks like Uryuu Ishida, bleach series, with distinguished glasses make him show more mature, calculation and cool thinking, ideal as group leader. In screening it showed his ability is sword fighting and magic where he alone able summon barrier protect his squad from fire. There a possibility that he is blue king or Brahma leader.

The blue squad looks like relate to government organization where in the screening they showed moved alongside with riot police into the fighting scene.

CV Miyuki Sawashiro

Seri Awashima voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro is catch my attention during ‘K’ anime screening. She much like Rangiku Matsumoto, vice captain of 10th division of Soul Society. So, its possible Seri Awashima, the only female member in blue squad, also act as vice captain too. Her body posture and style surely will attract fans to her character just like Rangiku Matsumoto’s fans in bleach series.


The blue squad is consist highly expert western swordsman with rapier sword. Their uniform is based from French cavalier 19th Century. So far, there only one female character in this squad, Seri Awashima.


The white or Yashiro’s gang much likely organize in process due circumstances of assault by other group, particularly the red king group. So far, only Yatogami who showed his sword skill. Other members skill are still mysterious and not revealed yet.


Red king organization headed by Mikoto Suou are described as antagonist in ‘K’ anime where they targeted Yashiro Isana. In addition, they looks like in middle looking for information or something. The red gang is describe as youth gang much like ‘Dollar’ gang in Durarara!! series.

b004 b005

After digging in internet for some time I finally found a manga named ‘K-memory of red’ by Gohands, Gora and manga artist Kuroe Yui which looks like a side-story of the original ‘K’ anime. The manga also provided some information about world/universe where ‘K’ anime took place. ONCE AGAIN, this is just my speculation about summary of ‘K’ storyline. Unfortunately, it only show from red king point of view where in ‘K’ anime the red king is describe as antagonist characters while in this manga they are the main characters and protagonist side.


This manga page provide hint that the red king is called Rakshasa that based caste on Hinduism religion and sometimes mentioned in Asia’s folklore tales. So, the other kings or group also probably named Ashura and Brahma castes. In Hinduism, Rakshasa caste always in conflict against Ashura or Brahma due their different social status. However, it also mentioned in some literature that Rakshasa’s conflict either against Ashura or Brahma is part balance of power where one side cannot long attack other without fear third party attack them so conflict is rare or always ended in check before escalated further.

In conclusion, ‘K’ anime project is combination of Bleach’s action with taste of Macross Frontier and add seasoning spice of Durarara!! style. The world where the series happen is much looks like in Macross Frontier series. This anime is worth to wait. Trust me. I will buy the whole series if it available in my favorite anime store.

8 thoughts on “K anime project

  1. I’ve saw the CM yesterday on Animax and it is said that they’ll air it on the same time as Japan. I can’t wait. Oh and isn’t it Tomokazu Sugita instead of Tokokazu?

      1. Yeah, he is one of my favorite Seiyuu having voiced many characters such as Sakata Gintoki, Kyon and Kiva Bat III haha. Seeing him working with Daisuke Ono again is good.

  2. Oh, it looks great! Would you mind if I ask just one question? I’m really enjoying Tatara Totsuka in the manga, but even though he’s mentioned as a character on the anime website, he appears in none of the promotional videos OR on the official merchandise. Does he appear in the first episode/opening at all? Thank you!

    1. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any Tatara’s appearance in 1st and 2nd episodes of ‘K’. So far, I saw Souo Mikoto, Yata Misaki, Kukinagi Izumo and Kamamoto Rikio as part of red king group.

      The first episode showed Souo’s gang stormed a yakuza hideout then clashed against Munakata’s squad in order to escape from police.
      The second episode described Yashiro being chased by Yata Misaki, Rikio Kamamoto and Izumo Kukinagi for unknown reason.

      I found ‘K’ website: http://k-project.jpn.com/goods/

  3. Wow, I finally watched ‘K’ first episode last night. The two episodes I saw in Asia Festival Anime screening actually the first episode of ‘K’ in one wrap. Got myself tricked by the anime developer. Clever.

    1. The storyline was bit confused so you need watch it carefully but art style and scenes were good.
      More or less, it has theme much like Durarara!! anime.

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