Mahouka Kouko no Rerrousei


Mahouka Kouko no Rerrousei manga, in English literally ‘The Poor Performing Student of a Magic High School’ or ‘The Irregular At Magic High School’ manga. Its catch my attention this month when I browsed in internet. The series was illustrated by Ishida Kana based on light novel wrote by Satou Tsutomu. The story evolved in world where magic have been successful developed through miracle technology although not all people can utilize it in maximum useful. This situation created a gap between people who blessed by magic and without it.


The story describes and develop around about the life of sibling who affected by magic prejudice culture. The older brother, Shiba Tatsuya, was weak in magic but genius in strategy and physical abilities while the younger sister, Shiba Miyuki, was blessed by strong magic abilities. In other words, their abilities are cover each other as well as their weakness. However, it isn’t  accommodate well by their school education curriculum.

i018  r012

In beginning of the story. Miyuki, as the younger sister refused to be separated from her older brother due to their magic differentiate abilities. She even go far as to sound her opinion in public occasion without regard of her position, for example in the new student ceremony event, which enough make her older brother, Tatsuya, worried a lot. Unfortunately, even though her continue sounding for equality, it has different result as her smart, beauty and excellent attitude lead her to become the school ‘Yamato Nadesico’.

i028 i029

Next, magic abilities have strong cultural divided in world where Tatsuya and Miyuki live. The culture is also influence in their school curriculum education. Student divide as ‘bloom’ for student who has magic abilities or ‘weed’ for student who has least magic abilities. However, this system has a fatal flaw where people who genius in other field beside magic is not noticed by society.

The manga and light novel clearly want to tell reader that society which tend biased for people based abilities and education status will lose something important that should able to bring better development for society.

gmahouka_koukou_no_rettousei_003_032 gmahouka_koukou_no_rettousei_003_033

Back to the story, Miyuki’s classmate clearly want to separated her from her brother which lead in to conflict between bloom student and weed student groups. Even, Tatsuya classmate, Shibata Miyuki, make a serious statement to stop interference Miyuki doing and  leave her alone.

r023 f020

Fortunately, the conflict successful prevented by student council and student moral committee before it escalate into worse. However, it left a prejudice toward Tatsuya by bloom student group and Miyuki’s classmate. They wrongly accused Tatsuya should not with Miyuki and she should socialize only with bloom student group. This kind people, was people pain in ass if I speak.


Meanwhile, the sibling’s abilities isn’t  gone unnoticed student council that lead them being scouted by student authority to enter either as member student council and student moral committee.

kmahouka_koukou_no_rettousei_005_004 kmahouka_koukou_no_rettousei_005_009

In here, reader introduced to student council and student moral committee organization hierarchy. The head of student council, Saegusa Mayumi, an excellent magic user. Next to her is Mari Watanabe, head moral committee, who has same level authority. Lastly, Suzune Ichihara, treasurer, and Azusa Nakajou, secretary.

However, the Shiba’s sibling invite into student council and moral committee are without opposition. The one who opposed is Gyobu Hattori, vice president of student council. Hattori and Tatsuya friction finally decided through mock magic battle.

s003 s004

s005 s006

The battle sequences in Mahouka Kouko no Rerrousei manga was good described and with complete explanation of what happened later. However, it can be long narrative if it has to describe what happen in detail in each panel or chapter. In some chapter where there a battle it can cover 3/4 of chapter. Its good for short battle but not good for long and complicate battle. Nevertheless, it still too early to judge the manga in this review.


Later, it revealed Tatsuya has strong physical abilities due his practice under guidance of Yakumo Kokonoe, a ninjutsu master. This ability was failed to gauge by exam entrance that also clearly showed the weakness of the school education curriculum focus on magic only.


Interesting fact, there spin-off Mahouka Kouko no Rerrousei named ‘Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei’ manga that describe the story from Miyuki’s point of view. The Mahouka Kouko no Rerrousei is tells from Tatsuya’s point of view. In Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei is developed under different artist named Mori Yu so it has different art style.

The series was excellent mangas and based on interesting light novel too. I ever read a comments of people in web said the manga similar to Mahou Sensei Negima with dark theme. But, for me, Mahouka Kouko no Rerrousei manga is much similar to MxO (Kano Yasuhiro) and Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (Goro Taniguchi & Ichirou Okouchi) with dark theme.

In conclusion, both series is interesting to follow and good manga too so reader cannot be boring. I hope and wishes English translators are follow both mangas and translate them continuously until end of the light novel, which estimated 20~25 volume. Lastly, I hope there an anime about it too.

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  1. Speaking about funny coincidence, I too have actually finished writing about Mahouka review which is scheduled to be released tomorrow. >_< Well, I guess the more the merrier ha4.

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