Bartender manga was a manga about slice of life bartender job written by Joh Araki and illustrated by Nagatomo Kenji. The manga tells life story about a genius bartender named Ryu sasaki who well known nickname as ‘God’s Glass’ because his ability to help and easies customer soul needed through liqueur in bar.

Although this manga focused around Ryu’s life reader also introduced into number of colourful characters who Sasaki met with various their problem. Friendship, seniority, family, career, romance and life issue in Japan. His funny, easy and friendly nature help him to identify or encourage his customer to find their best answer through alcohol cocktail. In this manga alcohol is see as a tool to safe poor Human soul.
As result, his friends and acquaintances increase through the manga.

The manga also described some history origin of liqueur for example, mojito was a Caribbean’s cocktail popularised by Ernest Hemingway, a world well known writer, when he lived in Cuba.

While the manga story focused in Ryu’s slice of life and various event related to bar In Japan. Its indirectly provided reader with simple, visualise and useful receipt for mixed a cocktail. On other words, this manga is an encyclopaedia about cocktail receipts.

In summary, bartender manga was a mild and fun manga in each of it’s chapter. The topic or theme introduced to reader by the Joh Araki usually only one or three chapter complete so reader cannot get easy boring and keep the pace to read next chapter.
Fortunately, the alcohol topic cannot read by all general public, particularly, underage because it can lead to binge drinking. As result, the manga categorise as Drama, Seinen and Slice of Life manga.
Hopefully one day bartender manga can be published around the world without afraid of restriction due it’s alcohol theme. This manga was too good to be missed.

– write by manifest

5 thoughts on “Bartender

  1. It’s funny how it’s okay to market a manga with violence to youngsters, but this book has trouble getting a mainstream release because of the drinks being served.

    1. Bartender anime was less detail than the manga version. Sometimes two chapters cramped into a single episode. But, it better than other anime adapted from manga. The Hope you still like it….

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