Gunka no Baltzar

Gunka no Blatzar or Gunka no Barutsa is an ongoing manga write and illustrate by Nakajima Mitchitsune. The manga tells life story of a young military officer named Bernd Balzer. He came and in served from Weiben nation, a militaristic country, which just won a war.

His military career turn into unexpected path when he appointed as military advisor or instructor for a country named Baselland. It is an isolated and peaceful country with third class military capacity. Balzer thought it would be uninteresting assignment in the beginning. However, he find intrigued situation and gain some trust from his new cadets in Baselland’s military academy.

Gunka no Blatzar is a manga focused and described about military life in Europe model early 20th Century. Probably before the First World War. The Weiben country was similar to Prussia nation and Baselland look like Austria.

In the beginning, the manga described life aspects in military branch, artillery, cavalry and infantry. The main goal of the manga was clearly told story how Balzer transformed Baselland military from third into first class military nation use his experiences when he served in Weiben country.

Interestingly, each chapter described how military equipment work, such as, artillery procedure, infantry drill, discipline, marksman, etc. However, the manga also critized old fashioned military doctrine which lack of improvement and resistance adapt to new technology at the time. In order to survive in world conflict a nation need to improve, research and willing adapt new technology and knowledge or it will be perish or conquered by it powerful neighbour country.

Other issue are about discrimination and differentiate treatment between cavalry, artillery and infantry branch. It leads some prejudice among cadets that their military section is not good or useless than other branch. In reality, each armed forces branch have superiority and weakness that can be cover or supported by other unit. The point of it, an armed forces must or should act as unity and cooperated each other in order to win a war.

There only three chapters of Gunka no Baltzar manga in internet at the time I write this post. It is a good manga which entertaining, educated and described how military academy situation and it’s interaction to civilian and politic surrounding of it. I hope there will be more chapter of this manga in the future. For publisher, its a good manga with balanced storyline, historical and educated ideal for all age reader.

The story is beginning to enter exposition phase where conflict introduced to reader at the moment. We will see how officer Baltzer solve instructor reformation in infantry section.

– write by manifest

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