Bakuman was the newest manga series write by Tsugumi Ohba and draw by Takeshi Obata. They well known as the creator of ‘Death Note’ and ‘Hikaru no Go’ manga. This manga introduced different genre from their previous works.


It’s story evolve around two main characters, Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi. Both character has different talented which fulfilled each other weakness. Mashiro is known as best artist, while Takagi is a talented writer. Their story began when they still in senior high school and continue until they graduated from school. The duo started to became mangaka (manga artist) instead continue their study into University.

bakuman 01

The manga introduced slice-life mangaka profession and manga industry in Japan. For example, rivalry, friendship, rating, editorial, theme, humour, health, happiness and sadness to became a mangaka.

Moritaka and Akito met other characters which have big influence to them as the story progress.

Frankly, I enjoyed so much this manga due to complexity of story and creativity of Ohba-san (the writer) to introduced each themes in the manga with some humours in here and there made the story interesting even more. One interesting feature, he even changed the subject of story from Mashiro to Takagi or vice-versa so reader didn’t boring to the story.

However, this manga showed to us how harsh and fierce reality in manga publication which can lead affect the mangaka live. Particularly, health issue of mangaka because he or she can easily get sick or stress. Rating also biggest obstacle for potential mangaka to get into serialization. Their manga life depended of how much rating they received.

Other annoyed problem is editor issue where mangaka cannot choose their editor freely which mean it will depends how much good a editor to lead his or her mangaka to road of success.

Well, aside from topics which Bakuman showed to reader. I recommended this manga to everyone because not only superb story but also excellent drawing. Obata-san (the artist) once again showed his talent art like he did in ‘Death Note’ and ‘Hikaru No Go’. This combination make Bakuman even better than other manga in similar genre such as Bomic Bomber (by Shmamoto Kazuhiko) or Comic Party (by Sekihiko Inui).

4 thoughts on “Bakuman

  1. I guess I should give the anime adaptation a go as it’s by the same chaps who created the excellent Death Note. Seeing what goes into making mangas sounds interesting.

    1. I think Bakuman’s manga and anime have their own weight which reader or audience should consider.

      The manga more emphasis in mangaka’s daily life and experiences. Meanwhile, the anime shows how manga industry flow in japan.

      In summary, Bakuman is aimed provide understanding about manga process to reader.

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