Doubt or well known as ‘Rabbit doubt’ was a manga wrote and draw by Tonagai Yoshiki. The manga is categories as shounen, horror, psychological, mystery and drama.


Doubt was a manga tells about a group of teenagers in Japan. They are  playing a cell phone game called ‘Rabbit Doubt’. The game rules are each member are rabbits where they have to avoid to get captured by wolf who pretend to be a rabbit. They met each other under circumstances as fan community. However, one of the member has ulterior motive to make the game become reality. That all beginning of the horror….

I was surprised last month when I spotted this manga was laying in one of shelf for new manga in Gramedia bookstore. It appears Level Comic decided to publish this manga for mature reader.

The manga consists 4 volume + extra chapter related to the main story. It originally published under Square Enix and Shounen GanGan Japan publication in 2007.

Although Rabbit doubt manga has general mixed of review responds in internet. Some reader think its to gruesome or bloody for immature reader. Other critics said it has good story for mystery genre and better arts.

Personally, I think the selling point of this manga was character design and art works. The female characters was pretty and males had good-looking illustration for shounen reader. The background was drawing good with sharp detail of the environment where the story scene happened.

The manga was also portrait daily live of Japanese young people and their social situation in modern Japan where technology can become a tool for friend network, or for miss use purpose….

However, I am warned this manga for reader in Indonesia because this manga isn’t suitable for immature reader, particularly teenager who don’t get enough proper information or Parents Guide (PG). Because the cover little bit mislead. General people will think it’s shounen-action manga. The Indonesia edition only mentioned Mature label at the back cover without further information, such as horror, mystery or dark story label.

In the end, reader who will decided if this manga has a good stories or will leave scar inside reader mind after they read it. I hoped Level Comics made a wise decision when they decided to publish this manga.

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