Hello manga world!

I had been long time dreamed for have a blog dedicate to manga and anime. The anime and manga world have been fascinating  a lot of youngster, particularly Indonesia. The manga circulation in Indonesia mostly dominate by Gramedia publication and it’s subsidiaries, such as Elexmedia Computindo and Level Comics.

Here some summary about them:

Gramedia publication or simple known as ‘Gramedia’ is the oldest player of manga distributor in Indonesia. They were originally a well established bookstore chain in Java back around 80’s-90’s. The bookstore already printing some European comics book such as, Lucky luke, Smurf, Johan & Pirlouit (by Peyo). Then around middle of 1990’s, they begun licensing and publishing Japanese manga.

Elexmedia Computindo or ‘Elex’ as you guess from it’s name was originally a publication for computer book. However, they also begun printing manga and help exposure of Japanese comic in Indonesia around 90’s. One notable their first manga was Chinmi, the Kungfu Boys ( by Takeshi Maekawa). Since then, they have dominating manga publication in the Indonesia market. Mostly, their licenses are shounen and shoujo manga with safe rating.

Level Comic is the newest newcomer in manga circulation in Indonesia. They were established in 2000’s after a few years Indonesia Reformation when tight censorship regulation diminished. They help introduced new categories manga, such as Seinen and Josei. Mangas aimed for young adult and adult reader.For instance, Over Rev! (by Yamaguchi Katsumi) and Master of Sea (by Yuji Takemura/Yoichi Komiri) series.

Although Indonesia manga market dominated by those three keys distributors there some small local publication whose still dedicated to printing manga which not published yet. One example, Dragon comic. Their existence are important because they help test manga market and encourage big publications to get manga license. Although, they often published in low quality printing.

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